INKTOBER DAY 29 “PATCH” INKTOBER 2021 is on! Taking a break from the Narrative stuff I’m doing, and seeing this, just like the TICK, had to do this! While there are some pretty cool secret identities floating around, there are times when comic book writers seem to stretch the boundaries of believability a bit. Case in point: Wolverine’s stint as “Patch” in the beginnings of his first ongoing series. Look at Wolverine’s new secret identity: Patch. Looking at the character, it was reasonably easy to see what Marvel was shooting for. Raiders of the Lost Ark was a pretty popular film, and anyone looking like Indiana Jones was sure to be a hit. Take Marvel’s most popular mutant and tie him in with one of the most popular action hero movie characters of the time and throw in a little Bogart from Casablanca…what could go wrong?
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