INKTOBER 2021 is on!

Herb looked at his phone again, checking the text. Nothing. The last text from the fixer was 4 hours ago and said to meet here, in the dank alley in Opa-Locka, 20 minutes ago. He was nervous. He needs another lead on Anomaly girls for the boss, and this seemed promising. He needed something, or it would be his ass. His boss was moving up and required more Anomalies for his operation, whatever it was. He was able to supply all the poor refugees coming into Miami from South America and the Caribbean looking for help. It was easy. They were dirty and naive, and he could promise them the world, and they would believe it. But thanks to that Meathook asshole and some other Heroes, his resources have dried up. This promised them straight in, not even needing any conniving or anything, packaged and ready to go. Now, where was the guy? He felt a slight sting on his neck and touched it. Something slime had hit him, it stung, but now it was numb and… it’s getting… hard… to move. He looked up to see a massive grin above him, smiling with fangs dripping from the same condition. Herb could not move. “Ssssssoooo…” Snakeboy said, slithering from the scaffolding from above, “You’re the assssshole who has been kidnapping girlsssss, eh?” Herb could not move and shit his pants. #Inktober #inktober2021 #inktoberday30 #Slither #ink #inkwash #makecomics

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