INKTOBER 2021 is on!

“What the FUCK DO YOU MEAN? STOP SCREAMING WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?” Macchio said, the phone away from his ear. Frito couldn’t hear clearly but could tell whoever was on the phone was screaming. Then they heard a boom from the first floor of the building. A big Boom considering it was five floors up. Frito looked at the monitor, and his heart sank. He turned to tell the Macho, but he saw too and dropped the phone. Frito could hear the phone now, “THEY FIGURED IT OUT, THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU GUYS! RUN!” The 2-inch thick solid metal security door boomed out of its hinge and hit the floor bent in half from a single kick. Both men shrieked back as a massive helmeted ogre of a man came through the door. Frito fired his pistol of all eight round hit; the man still stood there. “YOU TAKE THE RISK YOU PAY THE PRICE,” it said, and now the bullets same flying back out of his mass, tearing into him and Macchio! Frito looked up at the roof now, trying to breathe as he was bleeding out. He could hear Macchio plead, swear, betray to the man called THE RISK and then heard him fly out the window, still trying to make a deal as he fell further and further away. Frito knew his fate and closed his eyes, waiting for darkness to take him. In that, the risk stood over him. “The RISK IS IN LIVING!” As he started to patch him up, Frito thought it would be better just to have died, as he screamed in pain.

...and INKTOBER IS DONE! Thanks to everyone who likes and chined in here and on the blog! I’m super happy with it all for once and DIDNT MISS ONE DAY! Woot! I hope to collect this all into Zine for later in the year to give to Patrons on my Patreon and Substack and sell on! Go over today’s post that collects them all! 🤪😄

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