SUNDAY FUNDAY: that day you wake going “what time is it?!?”

Hello, folks from Sunny Miami, where it’s like perfect, and I mean perfect weather right now! It was in the 60s for like 5 seconds, and we got to bundle up, or for me, go outside and enjoy the weather! Except for Cuban grandmothers days like this you stay gone like it was a snow day.

My desk at the moment.

I am knee-deep in freelance right now, going into the holidays. It’s a straight run of various types of work and commission work I have to finish, which means my social media outreach might be on all time low. I know it sucks, but there is only so much I can do in a day. Have you got to pay the bills, you know?


Newest Podcast I have fun

Had a bunch of questions sent recently through and/or and decided to answer them because…. Why not?

BTW Find the KICKSTARTER here:

I am also working on comics. Believe it or not, I will post soon!

Until then here is an oldsketch

Alright, I’m going to pass out, then wake up and start banging this shit out because that’s the way.







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