SUNDAY FUNDAY: Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.

Ah, Tennesee Williams. There is this very righteous part of him about being an artist and having that HUNGER that is so correct, so right on, I come back to it all the time. My brother is the one who got me into him, he’s practically a Williams Scholar, and we both were very in tune with the ideas presented in being an artist and what it means to take that life. 

“Camino Real” represented a radical departure for Williams. It was more surreal and boundary-pushing than his previous offerings — a collection of stage classics that includes “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “The Glass Menagerie,” and “Sweet Bird of Youth.” It follows a young American named Kilroy as he encounters a broad range of colorful characters, some of whom are drawn from history, literature, and myth, such as Don Quixote, Esmeralda, and Casanova. It was not beloved when it was first staged on Broadway in 1953, closing after 60 performances and attracting critical pans.

It’s a fantastic play. I’ve fathomed taking it and adapting it into a comic, but I wonder if I have the mustard for such a thing. Plus, God knows I have a lot on my plate. 

Give yourself a chance and read it. It will inspire you!

It’s slightly cold in Miami, having heated up a bit and rained a little. Now it’s gone back to get a chill. Mostly at night. As soon as the sun comes up, it is downright enjoyable. 

I have to clip my nails because typing sucks when it gets a little long. It’s so strange how they grow suddenly like this; out of nowhere, I have to clip them. And then, for weeks on end, they stay short.


Not much to say. WORKING

I have MARVEL SKETCH CARDS to deliver this week and have many halfway done, but I need to get around the bend and bang them out post-haste! They are time-consuming but only because instead of giving them an allotted time and just getting them out, I get a little obsessed and spend an hour on one or 45 minutes on another.  I can’t post anything until they are released and also have a total Jay and Silent Bob Reboot set done from last year to show, but it’s all a matter of time before I post them. If you want to see something that I have done, check them out here.


NOW ON THURSDAYS! So in this episode I asked a question “what if I ran or owned a movie theater?“ And Canada put my eyes in the current movie theater business and what I’ve seen so far and where it’s lacking and where it needs to become more than just a place to sit in a dark room and look at a screen button event a ritual and bring people together almost like a community center. In a time where community is so necessary in the business world how can we implement that into the movie theater business or maybe I’m totally fucking wrong and you guys can tell me otherwise? Listen and find out! Find more on my Patreon: Daily uploads and videos here: Making that FWACATA daily! Find more on my Patreon: Daily uploads and videos here: Find all my stuff here: THE GOBLINS HEIST #fwacata #miamicomics #makecomics #entrepreneur #podcastlife — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  3. BEWARE THE NARRATIVE: ROE vs WADE vs METGALA! Also remembering Neil Adams!
  4. SHOP TALK: interview with Michael J. Ruiz Unger creator of DARK BEACH from Behemoth Comics!
  5. BROOOOOO! It’s 420 bro! You know what that means?!? SHOP TALK with Jayro Lantigua!

PODCAST is coming around nicely and has one to do tomorrow, as you read this Sunday. I did record myself and Kenny Calderon, a friend, and artist, at Otakufest and posted it. I have been doing videos to go along with it, just to post on youtube, but that too is a chore to get done. 

Also Have been hitting the gym. Now that Omnicron is over for me, I feel my strength is back; I needed to get back to it. The bad news is that someone replaced my muscle system with Chewed bubble gum. Christ on a crutch, my body aches. But this is getting healthy, isn’t it?


As they say in the Camino Real, “Humanity is just a work in progress.”


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