SUNDAY FUNDAY: Spinning Plates

WHEN I WAS WRITING THIS: It’s a rainy and cool day in Miami, I’m sitting in the shop trying to get my brain back into reality and write a bit, as it was a day of total craziness selling and buying comics. It’s a good life, but to say I was spinning plates in my head is an understatement. I have to take a moment and stop letting the static die down, and go right back at it. Once the signal is clear I can keep going.

Does that make sense?

I have come to the conclusion that people both bother and fascinate the fuck out of me. It’s sort of like being a caretaker for Howling Monkeys; you better give a shit to do the job right, but you don’t bring them home, either.

I am sore as hell. Going to the Gym with Cynthia. It’s good for me I say, when I can smell the burning bone and ligaments snaps as I try to lift some nominal bullshit weight. It’s good for me. In other news, file this under under REALLY?!? as a Comic book Union has been formed at Image Comics and is already busting balls, supposedly.

Sketch For a client


I might be coming to my senses, but I think I’m going to just kill the patreon and substack and just bang it all out here on Yes. Insane. But I want all my comics on here.

I’m not shitting on them at all, some of my favorite stuff is on Patreon and/or Substack like Brian K. Vaughns’s new title substack, or Jayro’s awesome stuff (or mine!) but I have to feel like your own land sometimes. Your own platform. Even though I’ll be on WordPress. I’m worried that we are heading to the days of the ban hammer, and the one defense will be carving ones’ own spot. Plus like that, I can concentrate on one site. One goal. Make this a community that will enjoy my work.


Do yourself a favor and go to Jayro Lantigua’s Patreon and support a DAMN good comic artist. He is a constant. He’s been on it banging out some sweet comics and you can hear him on the podcast with me.

I was worried the other day because as I got onto ANCHOR which I use to make my podcast, a big fat note stuck to the top to read from SPOTIFY, stating new rules and restrictions on the top for people making podcast of what could get them banned or taken down. Most of it was innocuous enough, but i wondered how much do they or can they really enforce? DO they have active listeners out there taking notes? Part of me doesn’t give a fuck but I recognize now that there is a true real attempt at censorship here. Sure, it’s their platform but if you have the corporations and these social media machines for the lack of a better word, swallow all the “bandwidth” we have on the internet, what else do we have to get the signal out?

Another conversation as we draw comics with Jayro Lantigua about fake meat, fake people, and just overall fakeness! Making that FWACATA daily!

Things are still going well, I’m happy to say.
Customers are coming in and more people are finding us.
I think this is more word of mouth but also the high Google review helps greatly. I always try to put myself in the frame of mind of a customer when I do thing and one thing that led me to post more on Google was the idea of when travel, it’s what I use for everything.

Considering its wide use, it should be the normal for any and all looking for something. So where better to push a business. It’ simple and has done wonders. The live sales have helped and i do one every Tuesday night for New comics

Thursdays is our review night and more of chance to talk shit and mess around. Actor Fawad Siddiqui, a friend and huge help at the shop, comes in and we pretty much mess around with different characters. SUPER CUT COMING SOON.

Sketch for a Mural that didn’t happen

It is Valentines Day weekend and as much as I hate any holiday pushing you to feel or celebrate a certain way, try to do one thing: Love yourself. Because what the fuck else do you have?

Alright, I gotta hit the hay so as to wake up awesome.


Sketched a page out that didn’t work


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