SUNDAY FUNDAY: ..and I Feel Fine

Sing it with me!

How near Death are we?
And I’m not talking about you or me, personally, but as a species. Like total obliteration. like FML to the tenth power. How close do we get? Think about it. Now read about it. Fuck

It’s funny that I wrote this last week before Ukraine got invaded. I’m almost mad at myself like why did I dare the universe by talking shit? Now, you have almost WW3.

I’m hopeful for Ukraine. I really am. As many times the world can convolute anything nowadays thanks to the internet, this no matter by what measure you use, is utter bullshit and blood shed for nothing. I don’t care about the politic or reasoning or cultural beat you want to touch on, the reality is that Putin is evil ass clown who may have finally stepped in it.

Have you heard of the GHOST OF KYIV? Dude.

It’s at this time that I always recite in my mind and post online this amazing speech by Charlie Chaplins THE GREAT DICTATOR – and as trite as that can be , fill myself with some hope that those words become a reality.


Hello from Miami, where it’s been pretty awesome weather-wise. But as temperature goes up, rents do too, and thanks to you winter fuckers, it’s almost becoming unlivable. I mean I get it: this place is awesome. I mean if it wasn’t for the shit pay, high rents, superficial people, corrupt government, douche bag rich, idiotic poor, and violent crime it would be paradise. All beaches and smiles.


So many good comics now. I mean for real.
Like looking on SUBSTACK, there are some righteous ones going on, like so. Other places like Webtoons is bloated with it, and now Instagram is blowing up too with them. How the fuck can you say you are bored?

THE FAT NINJA! hope to make a comic tribute to this


I am working about 8 days a week, between the shop, pops ups, and convention season starting to heat up, I am swamped. This means more commissions and more work which is good, I’m even using a paper cap Dee again because my brain only reacts to those. I’m about to back to the marker board which is very precovid.

Just a glimpse of the finished comic on my patreon!

Just posted the new 10 page comic on Patreon of MEATHOOK called CAUSE AND EFFECT, made for the FWACATA PRESENTS ANTHOLOGY. Good reviews so far from my peers. I just have to hammer out that lettering on REZ And slap it together. Mid-March to produce it. I’m telling you this as I tell myself this. Damn it.

Yesterday I was at SKATE BIRD park showing my art and wares, nothing out of this world for me but a good time talking to a lot of different and cool folks. It’s amazing how many get shit done just by trying. They try something and turns into a whole career and life for themselves. The same happened to me but true entrepreneurs seem to have that same connection of “ah why not?!?” And boom a new thing! So here some pics and video:

As you read this I will be at MIAMI CON wheeling and dealing comics to all. I will post pics next week!


Taped live at BEYOND COMIC-CON I DID A MAKING COMICS PANEL with special guest MARTIN PIERRO from COSMIC TIMES as we wax a true education into the getting int making comics! It was fun but also I think we covered things I regularly don’t cover in my own WORKSHOPS so dive in! Here for more of Martins work and latest endeavors! Plus his IG also check out our gracious hosts BEYOND COMIC CON!

Alright, so that’s all for this week hope to have more stuff going on! Remember if you want to support this blog and what I’m doing you can always buy stuff, commission stuff, Patreon or Substack, buy me a coffee, or just put some change in the coffers!

I will be out Saturday for 305 day here in Hialeah, and then out and about hopefully next week finishing work!


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