SUNDAY FUNDAY: Comics are an ecology as much as an economy.

I know it’s LATE MONDAY, you fucking nerd. Read on.

I do my own stunts

Hello again, this is the FWACATA blog. If you wondering what you are reading, let me tell you: I am an artist/writer/comedian out of Miami Florida, owner of the Goblins Heist, a comics and collectibles shop in Hialeah Florida, and I make comics too. This is my blog where I try to make fandom entrepreneurship make sense, and get comics out. Thank you for joining me.

FACTORY TOWN shows a lot of promise

This one is a bit late is only because I pulled double duty this weekend with the 305 fest pop-up and DORAL city place pop-up. Yes, this is what happens when you go into business for yourself. Fuck.

Comics are an ecology as much as an economy. I see the levels in the economy of comics like Ocean animals, in the sense that it is the same in the different levels that they are. You have the beautiful dolphins and whales, the different fish and tropical fish all the stuff you like looking at and then you also have your bottom feeders and the creatures of the deep, ugly and horrible but necessary for the ocean to continue.

They are all sorts of predators and prey, the lowest belly crawling scum, and ingenious creation all in one big soup. In being an artist and creator in this, seller of such wares to all, I see it. As much as there is a disparity the quality of consumers of this, we need them all, the dirty flippers, the high minded buyers, the hoarders, the old timers, the creators, the edge-lords, the neck beards, armchair politicians and etc. it’s actually an eclectic mix of the weird and the stupid atheist hood and the bad that keeps it all going. It’s fascinating and humbling, even in times of disparity. It’s good time!

I go into that, this podcast, and the idea of pursuing a passion into a profession. It is not for the faint-hearted, both the podcast and the pursuit.

Starting this on Tuesday of this last week, I have Fawad explaining all the problems in Star Wars High Republic and I guess I can’t shrug hard enough.

I hope to have FAWAD on the podcast for people to understand

I know I spoke about DEATH in the last one kind of heavy, but I do it only because well, I think about certain things until I burn them out. Then stuff like this happen and well, here we go again.

Speaking of DEATH:

This man’s work kills me.

Some people make pacts with the Devil, I believe this man straight-up stole his talent from the Devil’s grasp. Fucking incredible. Goals. ( I know I’m not doing much to blow even more smoke up his ass, but FUCKING-AY this man still does it for me)

Alright, so this week is banging out the anthology finally. Lettering is a bitch, but at this moment as I write this I’m going to start on the next page right after I hit publish. It’s my day off and I’m making comics and videos and yadda yadda, because that is the way of the game. Plain and simple. Nothing more, nothing less.

Because I love this shit.



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