I just posted last week’s blog post as I write this. I was going to letter, but thought, “shit, what if this week is hell too?” so then I started putting this together. Damn
I have the COWABUNGA IT IS THEN meme stuck in my head, but it’s also my mantra versus all the bullshit that comes down the road, and when its get rough, I just open my eyes wide, and in my brain I shout it loud, because against absurdity, insanity is the best defense.

Hello from Miami, Florida, a former swampland made into paradise and now seems to be the magnet for too many dickheads to count. As it gets hotter, I wonder how many will drop like flies. It’s Spring Break, where the city sinks an inch from all the weight of party-goers, and we all tune into our phones for the latest idiotic news from South Beach.

South Beach is such a tourist trap that most of us locals only know it when we have someone visiting and want us to go. It’s sad because, at one time, it was this incredible underground scene but, for now, a place to take strangers’ money. Same as Wynwood, same as everything after a while here. 

This week I try to make some progress, both for the shop and my work, which coincidently meant cleaning up. The back rooms of the shop were piled with debris leftover from various cons and pop-ups, making it hell even to walk around. I finally have it where I can sit in my office and draw, and the fact that this brings me so much happiness begs the question of what Kind of life I’m leading. Need to get beyond the sketchbook but I can’t state how needed that is, like so.

I also have so many bits and bobs to make things that I will be delving soon into them to start painting and sculpting again. I always had a love for found objects work and working in that field and making something from detritus is a lovely high because of the creation and the FUMES. More to come on this. 



Let this influence you…

Been working on the podcast even uploading ( or trying to) VIDEO version to Anchor for use on Spotify. I don’t know if they are throttling down but it’s an interesting thing that they suddenly are doing video. What does that mean?


Ah lettering can be its own hell. I swear I need to develop a spine to do this. I have got some things done, and banged out a couple of other project, but the REZ issue has been a bear to say the least!

I will be finishing this weekend hopefully as I have a week coming up that I want free from this to do that. Read on to know more.



So my art studio, as I said isa small but mighty mess, but soon I hope to get back to painting and making again in there. i have bits galore, and plenty to build form and ideas but sometimes the freestyling of parts into something else, is what I crave, but that takes time. Effort I got but just time I don’t have someone asking “what issue does Batman have his dick out?” or something and I can be on my own! I may have this time coming soon so let me see, maybe I can do some time lapse while I’m at it.


May start gardening. I know where the fuck am I going to have the time, but I think it a skill I need to develop just because of what’s coming down the line, it’s seems to be good skill to have. I understand the basics, thanks to my parents having green thumbs, but never did the thing itself because… I don’t know, I’m fucking lazy I guess. So it’s an Adventure.
I’m watch Ron Finlay’s Masterclass to help me get acquainted, and I already have plans for sugar cane and herbs garden. Let’s see.

Okay so I got this going on:

And I’m in DORAL today so as you read this, I’m hating life in the sun selling crap to assholes. Welcome to life, motherfucker!







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