SUNDAY FUNDAY: Greed is not a financial issue. It’s a heart issue.

I have been on and off doing these entries here on my notebook only because I do some of the writing on the blog and then do it here. I think I will do more here and see if it sticks better.

I have been moody as of late. I think it’s mostly because I don’t get to do what I want to do when I want to do it, and doing everything is a trudge. I get asked at least two dozen questions a day working at the shop, and I get used to it, to a degree, but they keep getting stupider. I also noticed that most people have the most based taste in anything and everything, and in introducing new books and ideas to them, they light up. The internet has done fucking shit for people as of late, plain and simple. It used to be a place to find new and brighter things, and it still is, but SOCIAL MEDIA is a conglomerate of corporate mind control for the most bullshit things. 

If it were for a nefarious plot and world domination, some of these tech billionaires would get my respect, but it’s finding out what detergent you are using and how they can sell it. That’s it. That’s all it is. It’s like the root cause of all evil in his world, all the problems; all the strife is just fucking greed. How insipid, how sick and shitty. 

Even Hitler had a vision. 

Yeah, I said it. 

He was eugenics following, a sack of shit who is getting fucked in hell every night by spiny bone cock, sure, but the fucker at least believed in something. It’s all just fucking dollar signs now. Or bitcoin. Or whatever. 

Ultimately we do not attack greed, not in any absolute sense. We see theft and say it is wrong and punish it, but if you look at a man stealing diapers and formula compared to a man stealing a Louis Vuitton purse, there is a difference. Murder is another one. But if someone is defending themselves or their home versus an act of vengeance, there is a difference. 

If a man hoards money to buy a palatial home to hold off the world he fucked to get it with a matching yacht to boot, we all say, Okay. We don’t bat in an eye, even the asshole with the yacht. If you buy out home after home to build a megaplex of building and kick everyone out to charge more and make even more money, we say okay. Gentrification comes from the okayness of it all. If we defend homes for the poor, we are against progress. We say make more money, and you’ll be fine. 

We make excuses to hoard and demean in the pursuit of money. We watch movies and shows about it, CELEBRATING IT. 

Where does it end? When does it become too much? How big of a fucking yacht do you need?

Before you say, “Juan, what is with the communists’ talk.” I’m not going there. I believe everyone should have a chance to make money; they all do. 

I think it’s a personal question of what you want to happen, what you do with yourself. What is the extreme here, and what is the reality? Even for you, reading this, it could be said you live a life of luxury compared to others now, your hoarding yourself are you not? No, this is not a decree to take a vow of poverty and sell it all for the poor that another extreme that isn’t warranted, though, would be excellent. 

Photo by Brett Sayles on

It’s the whole the wealthiest 1 percent of households owned 40 percent of the nation’s non-home real estate, while the next 9 percent of households owned another 42 percent. That’s extreme.

Seeing it in Miami seems to be the mission to push everyone out and money grabs to live here. No one is doing anything about it. It’s the gentrification of a CITY, and most people shrug and say, what can you do?

Because Greed is rewarded. 

Greed is supported.

Greed is the name of the game. 

We lost interest in bettering the world, lining our pockets, and even worse, lining our egos. We all believe we could be billionaires, or should be, at the very least. 

Maybe it wasn’t an asteroid that killed the Dinosaurs. Maybe some fucking T-rex wanted to go to space. 

At least, one of our assholes tried to do something about it. 

My home setup for Writing and Comics.

Been writing Daily on the Tumblr recently. I forgot it was there! The whole time collecting posts not only form this blog but also from Goblins Heists and Creature Entertainments IGs and more. It’s a time machine really. Feel free to poke around.


So working on getting some of my past Webcomic up and readable. Originally I was planning to put it on here on the blog, but the current build or layout of the WordPress just doesn’t work. I could blow about $200 bucks to get it there, but I have see that I’m not making that right now to do it. Yeah I know, you should invest in what you believe in, but also you have to be realistic. So I’m building around Webtoons to get the audience and get around it. It might mean using Patreon more and getting the ideas out, but thats fine too.

First up, VIGIL. Yeah trying to put all 5 years of it on there, to release on the weekends, like it used to run on Graphic Smash, an ode to it. I don’t expect too much of turn around, but it would be nice to have a home for it. Plus when I do Meathook stuff for the future I’d have all the background available for it.
You know, shits and giggles.


NONE! I don’t what happened but I was sooo busy this week I didn’t get around to recording one. Planning to do double episode this week to cover that.


Recent Client illustration I did this week.

SO thats it for now. I put this together alone as 1AM in my apartment, my girl is off visiting and I scratch my chin at all I have to do. For a Sunday, today will be a busy day!
No matter what happens out there, or how the world is, try, just try, BE GOOD at least to yourself. No one is coming to rescue you, but yourself. It’s hard but it’s worth it.







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