SUNDAY FUNDAY: PAIN means you are ALIVE right?

Hello again.
I started this on Monday and was already flustered with the radiation that is humanity. My girlfriends out of town, so the one person that keeps me balanced and not some hermetic warlock lost in a cave somewhere is not around, so I have dug myself a nice hole and stayed in the house all of Sunday, only to go out to read and smoke and to get my coffee form Uber eats. This should be shameful and weird, but I loved it. It is my go-to to wash off people’s psyches, personas, imagined expectations, and be, along with my thoughts. It was bliss. 
It was.
Now, I have these heads making noise in my face.

MIME sketch for new VIGIL ark

I don’t if this is a blog post or a newsletter, but what it is, I hope,  would be useful. No just self-promote my bullshit. We will grow together, find things together, talk about things together. Enough of you seems to get it so I know I’m reaching a lot of folks and reading numbers are higher so yay.

I just have to keep it up and this being late Sunday is not an easy thing. I’ve been having aches and pains all over as of late with what seems to be a horrific bout of tennis elbow in my right arm. The aches are deep and stop me in my tracks. Hope to see a doctor soon thanks to newly picked up insurance this year (applause) and see if it’s something g that comes with growing old and going to shit or something more serious.


This brings me to the thought that many things now are coming to light. More people are going to the doctor now and are concerned about their health after this epidemic but does it mean we are doing better? Are we more enlightened to our bodies now? I ask this to myself as I light a cigarette. 

I know. 



Alright so I decided I’m posting all my comics on Webtoons and on for people to read. The first, because it’s popular and can garner a crowd, the second, is for if the first goes to shit or get loopy and I find it gone. Always good to have a back up.

This means a return of ZOMBIE YEARS on Wednesdays for the website, and THE MEGA RETURN OF VIGIL! Yes my old webcomic will be back on the WWW after a 12 year hiatus. From the website:

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.”― Tennessee Williams What if you had the power to change things? Real power, not some imagined right manipulated and polluted, but a first that can go through steel, a touch that could heal or kill, abilities far above any human? Now, what if you had to pay rent with that? Welcome to the world of VIGIL! Initially published in 2005 on, it’s back again for a short time with the original episodes & soon, new episodes.”


It will be fun to have comics running again online, and for now I think I will keep the print world a bit separate for my anthology as soon as I find a printer. That will be running REALLY SOON on Patreon and Substack and maybe on here!

Want to help this blog, subscribe! to either!

I’m seeing if I make ZOMBIE YEARS a Monday debut, VIGIL a Saturday Debut (it originally ran weekends on like that it won’t clash with the Podcast!

I will announce as soon as everything is running, but for now check out the first episode of VIGIL here. But the real REAL first episode was as a print zine, that can be found right below:

ANTHOLOGY is just being polished up now, like I said this elbow thing has been heinous and have had a bunch of freelance land on my lap so everything has gone to the way side to make it happen. This is life, this is what happen, adapt or die, or so I tell myself.


OMG I don’t know wtf happened in that department. Never missed two week like that before, except for holidays. I been very apprehensive of putting the same old shit up but now I got to pump out three this week to make up for it, which I will be doing. How I don’t know. About what? I don’t know. Will it be any good? I don’t know. Point is to do it, fucking ay.



There is some really cool shit coming down the line, but I can’t say anything until I get clearance AND I know it’s happening for sure. But when I do you will know. It’s a busy spring thats for sure, and I can’t go wrong with that.


This is my friend Fabian’s comic book podcast he’s been wheeling and dealing for a bit. It’s good fun and you should go watch and subscribe guys!


You get that and many other design on my TEEPUBLIC website! CHECK IT!


Still Messing with Art Toys to make, this is all very personal and fuck around for me but wanted to show you some of what i have been cooking up! This is like a Tie Fighter, Halloween costume Factory and Gi Joe had an orgy baby. It’s not that original, but it’s fucking cool. Not final I’m still trying to find my ground with it. I love piecing stuff together like this and could spend a day, a week, a month making something like this from found objects!


Okay but…

SO I have been on REDDIT for years, am practically an elder, but a lurking one at that. I never used it too much to battle the element of neck beard son there or try to get some point across, but lately I have been thinking I’m being an ass and a self centered jerk and should make it a point to use this internet thing more before it goes away (You know they used to think this was all a fad, right?)
But when stressing an opinion on r/Unpopularopinions on there i was struck down. I thought well maybe this is the wrong place, wrong time, etc. but once i got this:


For asking why I my post was taken down, I was then banned from it. Wow. WTF? This is what happened when you get on nay forum now and have two second to say some unpopular on a FUCKING FORUM ABOUT UNPOPULAR FUCKING OPINIONS when you wanted to make conversation.

This is my fault for having faith in any segment of humanity.

I really don’t give a shit, but it does irk me a bit only because this must happen to a lot of people and they are just assholes causing this for more people. Where the hell do they go then!?!


Besides NIGHT COURT on Amazon I ate HARINA Alive recently with my GF as she came back from TEXAS. This has been incredible fun and really calls upon the bullshit in Mexico City with the cops while being also the OFFICE. HILARIOUS. Watch it! (Plus my buddy Fawad did some voice over work for the english translation)

More to come, but for now I bid you adieu as it is 10 pm Sunday and I have much to do before going to bed, besides getting this blog up for you all.

Thank you for listening in any capacity, and for supporting. It’s amazing that I can have an audience of any type with what i do, so I’m happy. In pain, but happy.

Clap for what you love when you get a chance, it’s what keeps things alive.



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