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Since I was a kid (and even now), I was a fan of FAITH NO MORE, and as most people might know them by, there was one song that everyone knows:

Essentially it was about the “high”. That feeling we chase of happiness and bliss that can sometimes elude us for the rest of our lives. Some call it the Sublime and put it next to a religious experience. Others resort to it being a more base feeling like snorting Coke or what have you. In the end, it’s that thing, THAT THING, that you want so bad and sometimes can only have for a second.

It’s alive, afraid, a lie, a sin
It’s magic, it’s tragic, it’s a loss, it’s a win
It’s dark, it’s moist, it’s a bitter pain
It’s sad, it happened, and it’s a shame

EPIC by Faith No More

After much work, this week has been “IT”

Let’s get into it:


FWACATA #1 is out!

From the guys who brought you VIGILZombie Years, and Tommy comes his own self-published anthology of comics, FWACATA! 


An interjection of Cuban Spanish origin is used when someone else smacks their head on something, falls, or accidentally causes pain, notably if you foresaw it happening. Likened to “wham.”


MEATHOOK “Cause and Effect”-Long time character sees new light after 15 years gone! Reintroduction into the world of VIGIL

REZ “The Right View” – After an Occult accident, James Reznick, a disgraced cop, now has access to his past lives and uses them to solve crimes! But is he the one in charge, or is this haunted man being pushed by something more sinister?

SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEMONS – Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, meets HBO after Dark in this body horror short featuring a cute golem and her love of mayhem! DEVIL BE DAMNED!

32 pages of awesome at your fingertips! Comes out quarterly!

FWACATA #1 APRIL 2022 Self Published by Juan Navarro, FWACATA comics, Imprint. All rights reserved. All contents copyright © Juan Navarro. All characters, events, and institutions depicted herein are fictional. Any similarity between the names, characters, persons, events, and/or institutions in this publication is unintentional and purely coincidental. No portion of this book may be copied or transmitted in any form without the express permission of the creators or publisher, except for excerpts for journalistic and review purposes.

© Juan Navarro

You can now read this hot piece of AWESOMENESS three different ways:

For the SUBSCRIBERS and PATRONS, it’s all yours! Links are there, with a special password!

  1. Join the PATREON for just a buck month, and get access to a lot of the scenes on the podcast and webcomics! Also get even more on by pledging more money, and get everything from original artwork to Classes in making comics!
  1. Or JOIN the SUBSTACK at $5 and get even more behind the scenes of making comics including the MANSLAUGHTER comic I’m working on and PRINT EDITIONS of the book!

Last but certainly not least, you can go to DRIVE THRU COMICS and buy it direct for right now, at $3! This price won’t last long! So get it while it’s hot!

Plus is you purchase other stuff on there, that is my affiliate link right there and you help the comics to keep coming! WHOO!

I hope to have a print copy soon, but printing PRICES ARE HIGH AS FUCK right now, so bear with me as I try to Navigate towards a reasonable printer. I might even BUY a printer from where things are going!I may raise money just to get a printer instead. Hmmmm.

And if that wasn’t enough:

Available for pre-order HERE plus all my other covers I have going! I may cover the making of this cover on Patreon, so stay tuned. I will also be listing the original artwork for it soon too!


ZOMBIE YEARS dropped this week:

Updates EVERY WEDNESDAY! Subscribe to not miss an issue, it’s FREE!

As did VIGIL:

Updates EVERY SATURDAY! Subscribe to not miss an issue, it’s FREE!

Lots of comics are out there now. It’s great fun! I’m happy to have these out there, for whoever, and it’s cool to see and hear new readers getting my stuff! Shake off the dust, and shoot for the moon!


I hope to make up some episodes I passed within the week so prepare to find more. You can listen to the podcast wherever you are listening podcasts!

Other than all that, the GOBLINS HEIST has been jumping and we have events. coming up for that I’m planning for, but also working a bit more out the back and have plans for the next couple of issues of FWACATA to use more painting and get some other shit going. Man I am excited, I hope i can keep it all going and hitting on all cylinders! JOIN ME!

Alright enough about that have some other things to bang out and get out before the day is done. Sorry for the lateness of this post, but when you hitting it as hard as I am, things will get stretched!

Keep doing good for yourself, and it’s never too late to turn the ship around. Always. Remember that.



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