SUNDAY FUNDAY: Why is it not LOVE and TAXES?

Says the 19-year-old College Student with a smurf hat holding an acoustic guitar on the open mic in a shitty coffee bar, inside me.

This fucking dork

It’s SUNDAY as I start to write this, just posted last week’s SUNDAY FUNDAY and I wanted to get a step on this one. It’s going to be a hella week for sure.

I mean I just did my taxes, and… I’m not dead. Seems like I’m making a feasible lifestyle between selling and making comics. Whodathunk?!? Now I might be bale to tie my shoes too. I use Quickbooks monthly because in the end the taxes are done for free, so for $17 bucks a month I am on top of all my ins and outs plus I get my taxes done? I mean, come on, you can’t hate on that! If you are freelancer try it out, and if you click this link it helps me out a little bit too. WINK


The FWACATA Anthology is still stuck in Digital form, haven’t heard much from people checking it out, but overall those who have read it dug it.

I still can’t get a decent price for printing, but may do some presale of it to get it off the floor. Have to figure out logistics on that. It’s the time to do it and do it effectively that’s a bitch.

Already working on the next issue, putting together various elements and stories. It’s fun to be back at it.


New episode of ZOMBIE YEARS is up:

Also a new Episode is up of VIGIL:

Elements in VIGIL are really helping me figure out what I’m doing with Meathook in the future. It’s funny how I’m indoctrinated in the idea of continuity in comics but thinks it should be thrown out the window for a good story. It’s definitely a cool place to be.


Been meaning to do more as of late but I am kind of…. lost for words? Maybe it’s my work and my burning interest in just making comics that makes me clam up. Maybe I think the world is going to shit no matter what I say. But I will find the words, for sure I will. But it was fun to kick the Twitter can down the road so…


Started the GOBLIN MARKET again this week

The shop has been a bumping as of late, with days that I don’t even get to sit down. I have to be on top of orders and pull lists, trends, and hot issues while doing the regular stuff like cleaning and keeping it together.

All of this is heading to Free Comic Book Day, which I don’t know if I love or hate to tell you the truth! Oy Vey.

I also did a small interview on Shout Out Miami on the shop, art, being an artist, and this whole rigamarole:

fun part of it all:

Yep, nobody makes time. Which would be an interesting SF story if you think about it.

Alright kids, time to get back to it, enjoy your Sunday, breathe it all in, and remember the most important thing: if it feels like more than two fingers it’s probably a dick.




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