SUNDAY FUNDAY: FLAP your arms till you FLY!

It’s Tuesday as I start this, and I feel fundamentally pissy. I think the truth of the matter is that I carry a lot of shit by myself. Probably not true, but then again, I feel like I’m a shitty Ziggy cartoon right now:

This fucking guy

More coming in than going out, but where would I want to be? Do you want things? you have to do things.

Even in Meetings I sketch


Ping Ping Pooong Ping
Ping Ping Pooong Ping
Ping Ping Pooong Ping


A Creature Emerges!

So recently, we were putting together a lot of the social media for CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT, the comic publishing company I started with John Ulloa and myself. We haven’t been back at publishing because of healthy finances and the fact the world almost ended. Plus, it is constant work; it’s something that you can’t stop for anything once it takes off. We fucked up in that department. As you can see, we keep making comics and have various issues ready to go, including two cases of TOMMY and an Issue of the Gun!

Speaking of which, Recently an issue 2 of THE GUN, with a cover by JEFF DEKAL, went for crazy money on WHATS APP, where it went for $1040


I never figured our work would go for this, but as people dig and find us little by little, they see the value and our awesomeness. I only say that because I was smart enough to surround myself with talented people who love comics, it should be no surprise that our books have that same energy.

So, striking when the iron is hot, I’m trying to put something together soon for Crowd Funding. Most likely Kickstarter for Books like TOMMY and THE GUN and even the FWACATA anthology. Each thing is like picking up a part-time job! So I need to time my shit perfectly to do it effectively. I will reach out to some friends about this and see if we can get help. Calling the whole thing off the floor is herculean, but it’s about keeping aloft once we are there.

So, hopefully good news on the Horizon!

Also this week New episode of VIGIL:

I also did an extensive write-up on Patreon on the Webcomics Series, what is happening there for people to get into, and some of the differences between the comics from 2003 until now. Some new character sketches and insights are there for any Patron to read! Support for just a buck a month!

another ZOMBIE YEARS is up!

Proud of this layout

UNDERTOW part 3- ongoing! Check out more work on or on Patreon! Comment and let me know what you think!
That’s two webcomic series happening on WEBTOONS! Subscribe for free and never miss an episode. Plus, they have a lot of cool comics on there!


A new episode, I’m posting them on here for you guys to check out, so hit this link here to listen to the 420 episode! I’ll be posting every Wednesday as they come out (or Thursday if I’m busy)


Shop is a little slow right now, I chalk it up to maybe too many different things happening at once, least of all, this month seemed to be irked by bills (I know it was for me) so I think people are being cautious. Plus the summer is coming and they reserving their dinero for trip and such. I have to make a real effort to track and look at the year in total and see how things ebb and flow so we know to tighten our belts and when to release a full volley of sales.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, GOBLIN MARKET:

Everyone has a last

And also did singing this weekend for the DARK BEACH release:

Had a fantastic time with Michael; talked some processes and ups and downs of comics there in the shop, will be posting on the next PODCAST this week

And with FCBD coming up have to get off my ass and bang out some new details. Also thinking of bringing back the DRINK & DRAW to the Heist and getting creatives together to do more stuff!



I have been tooling around recently, primarily working on more painted projects and art toys when I get the chance, but yes, I might be going digital soon as all signs point to production’s sake. We have to see, but I have some sculptural pieces I want to do that will be interesting, to say the least; I want to get my hand in.

Been doing the FASTING thing this month, and it hasn’t been that bad. 14 hours fasting, 10 hours available to eat I tend to be really good on the weekend when I sleep in actually since I’m such a huge sleeper. Lost 4 pounds or so and haven’t really neglected any foods really, though I just don’t eat after 9 pm or so. The shop doesn’t help due to all junk that come sin freely, but overall i have been feeling way better. At this age, it’s not so much about being glamorous or anything as far as just being able to keep your mind and body running well. I think this may work, God help me.

It’s Sunday Night as I finish this. My girlfriend made some fantastic homemade crunch wraps here in the house; Taco bell can kiss her ass. Fucking phenomenal. So now, friendly and complete and wired on Cuban coffee, I let you be, as I have to now do some FOCs before Monday comes to beat my ass.



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