SUNDAY FUNDAY: Tennis Ball with a knife through it

Hello from the Everglades where it has been weirdly pleasant the last few days. The sun is still trying to kill us but for the time being the winds treat us well. I believe this is an elaborate ruse and the hurricanes are a-coming. At least that what I scream at passerby’s.

An average HELLO in Miami

So this week has still been busy. Besides the norm I’m most likely as your read this selling my wares in front of JW BREWERY in Wynwood representing the Goblins Heist and talking mad shit. You now AVERAGE.

I’m tired to since an amazing time with good friend and supporter Mell Vaughn on his YouTube show live in front of my fellow nerds. We went into the wee hours of 3 in the morning, apexing comics, talking shop, and I’m discussing the past, present and future of Creature Entertainment. It was awesome and here you can enjoy it:

Subscribe! It’s a good show!

As always we’ve had new stuff for ZOMBIE YEARS

Be careful where you pee in the ZOMBIE YEARS

Also VIGIL is going strong and gaining steam

Fighting crime is like sex…

Podcasts are up btw posted the last three that were missing in chronological order on the front page!

And that’s it’s for now. Yes I would some elaborate but right now but as I see it it’s better to work towards something better with time and that’s a commodity I seldom have.

But hope to remedy that soon!

Until then



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