The humidity is set to KILL around here

Hello from Miami where the heat gets so bad, you want to shit yourself, just a little. Not a lot, just enough to hate yourself. That how hot it is.

20 minute pen sketch

You may have noticed that I have dropped the SUNDAY FUNDAY bit on top. I have decided to sort of just let the titles carry these post at times, for them to each have its own life. Plus SUNDAY FUNDAY sounded Retarded. I mean it just got to me NOW so I may not be too far behind.

I am currently in, as the urban people say, THE HUSTLE. Cool urban people BTW. THE HUSTLE is that a plan has become in place between my girl and I, so we are hitting the ground running and trying to raise money for a certain purpose. That said, I’m trying to rein in everything into one point. I’m going to drop Patreon and Substack, and everything will go here, on

Of all the things I need to grow, and make stronger, this is it. It’ll be more stream lined and better than ever. I’m tired of playing in other people sandbox, I want to build something of mine and my own where i have control. Join ME!

Robot sketches for H00D

Look at this:


The Salaspils Memorial.

The Salaspils Memorial is located on the site of the Salaspils Camp, erected by the
occupying Nazi regime and that was in operation from 1941-1944. The emotionally impressive ensemble was unveiled in 1967 during Soviet occupation and covers 25 hectares. The designers of this exemplar of modern architecture are architects Gunārs Asaris, Olģerts Ostenbergs, Ivars Strautmanis, Oļegs Zakamennijs and sculptors Ļevs Bukovskis, Oļegs Skarainis, Jānis Zariņš. The creators received the highest Soviet honour – the Lenin Award – in 1970. Today it is part of the cultural canon of Latvia.

I had no idea this existed until this morning. One of the glories of the human animal is our ability to transcend horror with art. To remember it, but not be bound by it. I submit that that image is beautiful, and, as bad as the world and our lives can get, one day we will make something beautiful out of it. And that we will remember it with empathy and not fear.

The strapline on my personal log reads: “storytelling, knowledge work and culture.” Basically, that describes the way we make something beautiful out of whatever happens in the world.

From Warren Ellis’s blog, which is one of those weekly bastions of SMARTNESS that keeps me going every week. Subscribe for your own good.

I have been on a NIGHT COURT binge for the longest time now. Since it appeared on IMDB TV on Amazon ( and is now called FreeVee) I have been ingesting it since the 3rd season. I’m going back to the first season, but it didn’t have its wings until it got to the Third Season and Roz was introduced.

It’s one of my favorite shows ever, as I was a kid watching a show about Hookers, Bums, and the crap court system we had, in a weedy ass New York I only knew briefly in my times there in the 90s before Giuliani cleaned it up. For all it’s shit, NYC was fun then, more possible than now. Now Its all tech giants, ogliarchs and bullshit, the seedy side is seedier, and one can only imagine whats happening behind the walls of all those buildings.

That being said, the humor is there in that 3rd to 5th season of the show, is just spot on and hilarious. I think there something about the cast that I feel it iconic and also a great template for shows. It has a dynamic to it that doens’t get tired until the writing gets feeble. I will return to the first 1st and 2nd season, for sure, as I have great love for the beginning too, when it was also part drama. Yes, I do watch TV just old crap nobody cares about but my insane ass.


THIS WEEKS ( You can also see it here)



EVERY SATURDAY! A new episode of VIGIL is up, this time a new arc that first introduced MEATHOOK back in 2003. He was created in 1994 and appeared in the 96 mini-comic, but here is his own story for a bit.



EVERY WEDNESDAY! We get a little more into what this world of ZY if about but this takes a BITE out of it! WINK WINK HAR HAR.



Just did my workshop with MIAMI DADE on Friday. Everyone dug it and it seemed to be a hit but I feel like I’m just prattling along. I wonder how many want to make comics and after hearing me say “fuck it” not that I say anything bad but I really take the romantic crap out of it?

I’d rather be honest and have people make comics for real than disillusion themselves I guess.

That being said, that’s all I have to say this week! Alright, now enjoy your day, no matter what, because it’s your day and you only get so many.







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