Is someone killing a Dolphin?

Ah, no… it’s just the noise I make when I take cold showers.

Short story I’m working on H00D which you can catch on the Patreon!

I have an electric water heater which i no more than box a box in my small cottage. It does it’s job, but but it’s either set LAVA ON YOUR BALLS HOT or NORDIC PENIS SHRINKAGE COLD in it’s settings, so because of the recent heat (I.E. we are falling into the the sun) I have had to take some cold showers. This is supposedly good for you. I don’t know what NAZI scientist said this.

Cover for BUNNY MASK I did with COmicxposure! Finally got some copies in!

Recently a friend has been up to my ass about getting Rolex. I could never in my mind find my way to buy one. Not to shit on Rolexes or watches or anything luxury, but I see it as a total waste of money. He tells me it’s an investment. I can’t slap my face hard enough about it. Being someone who collects, sells and make comics and sees various values about it, I can understand turning to something you dig and trying to find it. But as always say beware turning a PASSION into a PROFESSION. It’s all sits and giggles until you need to pull juice from it.

Pencils form the upcoming H00D

that being said, I have a bunch of stuff coming up so this might be a bit of a light week as far as updates. Believe me, I am definitely spinning various plates around here. Currently finishing a cover for the upcoming MADBALLS versus GARBAGE PAIL KIDS comic, MARVEL SKETCH cards for Uppedeck, and working on the second issue of the anthology. Yeah, spinning plates.

MANSLAUGHTER intro idea: A musical comic? Maybe

Doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally come up for air, and/or better come up to shake my fists at things, like so:

Put this up the other day just to rectify and shake out the commies that might follow me. IT WORKED. Amazing how many people still try to adhere to thinking that has caused so much fucking suffering. Just crack a book open and you’ll see. Propaganda is a heavy thing. BEWARE THE NARRATIVE.



Check out my talk with Anthony Corrales from earlier this week here.


VIGIL keeps pumping with the Meathook intro story (the first) you can always read the modern stories on my Anthology FWACATA #1!

Some people always get the short end of the stick…

And we keep getting further into the post-apocalyptic world of ZOMBIE YEARS with issue 6, where things get WET!

As seen on WEBTOONS!




Anyway, time to get back to it, hope you enjoy your Sunday as here it has turned pitch black and wet as the rains start to fall and thunder is a-coming. Miami weather. this is what happens when you build on a SWAMP!



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