The Asteroid can’t come fast enough…


I mean really.

Sorry but it’s a constant thought in mind day to day, most people have the most flustered stupid ass bullshit demeaning opinions that uninformed and uninspired in ways, yet spoken LOUDLY. Fuck.

How do we touch being HUMBLE? Being silent and listening? We seem to have driven everyone to know something and any time about anything instead of shutting the fuck up and listening. Just listen. Shut the fuck up. Watch we can do it together:

See? Was that so hard? Many can’t do that.

Hello from The Everglades, where the hit makes me a bit loopy. I have been busy as always, especially with the Shop and some other stuff. I’m always swinging from vine to vine and hope to not hit the jungle floor, but this week has been in the extremes, with rain and the heat and the rain again. Hoyle, NICE LADY!

This is a hell of a rabbit hole btw. I love the format of the pocket paperback, and thought it was the future of comics before the internet. I still don’t think an IPhone or IPad is enough, really. Something about the sturdy paperback in your back pocket and or day to day bag, ready to pull is still enticing. Some comics were done like this, mostly collections of comic strips and MAD magazine type stuff. Loved that. I sued to make my own covers for certain books for my collection: draw, paste and put packaging tape on the covers as I read it. It made them mine. I don’t where the hell those went, to tell you the truth.

Another, albeit with an end, Rabbit Hole is Venture Bros.

Amazing stuff

This meditation on the Venture Bros, touched me, because not only is it heartfelt but dead on in the pursuit of art. Sometimes it’s not about answering questions or getting to it, just presenting and feeling. That’s it. That can be the pinnacle.

Ideas come from a lot of places… and become a lot of things.

Lots of stuff is up, as always!


Wednesday is ZOMBIE YEARS

Saturday we got VIGIL



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Did some interviews lately and now working on more. Have some other stuff in the works. Exciting. REALLY!

New Client Portrait

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