My Get up and go just got up and hung itself.


I have to stretch more nowadays. It sucks. I used to get up and go, but now it’s getting SLOWLY up, and look for the GO, or see if any GO is left. It is not. Somehow fling yourself out the door and buy a cup of GO. My joints are filled with Bacon fat at times and have to be warmed up through repetitive movement to get any fluidity. When I’m warmed up, it’s time to go to bed. Bah, they don’t make replacement parts for us anymore. I accept that, but good God, if you are young, take advantage, man, it. No wonder it’s so worshipped and envied. It’s a fantastic time. I’m glad I did all the stupid shit I did. 

I am working on some bits here and there. I have a TV show in mind about people in a comic shop, but it’s not about people in a comic shop, but yeah, it is. I want to use it as a platform to introduce ideas and talk about things but also reflect a genuine attitude to fandom, not this shiny plastic bullshit out there. I have my format in mind and inspiration, so I’ve been writing the outline and ideas out. I’m digging it. Could it be a comic? Maybe but for now, I’m writing it for a sitcom to get it done for myself.

I also finally got around to carving out MANSLAUGHTER and having a handle. I dig for it. Now I just need to outline, so I hope to do that tonight. Maybe make a go for it next week. Thinking of breaking it down too for the Anthology. That’s something that has been sorely lacking, but I just finished doing a cover for Dynamite Entertainment and have a Marvel/Upperdeck job to finish, so everything is suffering. Lots of stories to do and so many hours to sleep. 

I ain’t got time to bleed.

Christ on a crutch, this recession talk is making my asshole pucker. I hate to be screaming that the sky is falling, but that’s all that plays in my head. The shop is doing well and I have been doing great so it’s weird to think that I have any type of financial problem when everyone is on the up but looking at stocks interest rates and vernal fuckery, I’m of the opinion that the shitstorm is a-coming. A good article on this. And this ain’t our first rodeo. I hate the expression so much, it makes me want to punch a newborn. 

That being said it doesn’t mean you stop working or stop innovating. We are working hard on the comic shop and getting things BETTER. We have a saying LESS GHETTO EVERYDAY. I say that not admonish the Ghetto-ness that is sometimes necessary to do life, but to keep in mind that you need to be a steel honed machine or close to it. Not perfection, that is fro asshats, but better all the time. This means implementing an online shop, better inventory and storage, and making a robust POS to list and sell comics at the highest points. I was told a long time ago that all businesses are reasonable, it all depends on who is behind it. SO sometimes you gotta really squeeze to get the juice out. So recession or not, move your ass, is what I’m saying. 


PODCAST IS UP this week about PRODUCTIVITY and all the techniques and thoughts I use behind it. Check it out:


ZOMBIE YEARS is trekking on. We have episodes set up going all the way to August!


Both are odd things because I learned so much in each run, getting it done, but only so much got out. Like I said, enjoy your youth because later on, it’s the backbone for the rest of your life as you slowly fall apart.

Until then, enjoy your day. Enjoy right now. it’s all we have. Things move all the time, the constant is change. So go with it before it leaves you.







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