The fists of terrors breaking through Now there’s nothing you can do!

Have to start on an up note!

Hear the cry of War
Louder than before
With his sword in hand to control the land!

I believe my skin is a thick leather ride to take on the sun.
I don’t know, but I must become the animal the world needs. There has been a light wind lately to take off some of the heat, and that helps, but the rains happen overnight, and the sun rises to burn it all out, leaving you to become human sous vide in the Magic City. 

Preeeeeety much

Working on various projects, and I don’t think I can say if anything gets done anymore. I mark off things, and they are more things, and you move. This is my current state, a constant moving about for 12 hours a day until I get home and lie down. Groaning is now a new hobby, getting the octaves right as my spine spreads from the contrition of gravity and mental pressure and thinking about what has been and what needs to be done. If you want things, you have to work. Hence why Buddhists say all suffering comes from wanting—this lesson, I fully understand. 


In making recent order I found that a recent book “ROGUES GALLERY” did something very cool, they did a REGISTER PITCH for the series, something for the seller to use to help describe the book to potential readers. This is genius and long overdue. You need to arm your LCSs with whatever is necessary to get Book out. 

REGISTER PITCH: The Purge meets Misery in a twist on the classic slasher tale where a celebrity’s biggest fans can become her biggest foes.

This helps IMMENSELY and should be the norm for any comic project. It’s the elevator pitch for sales. Well, I’ll be implementing on my own stuff. 

The internet here at the shop has been shit, supposedly Comcast is doing something in the area. Yes, they are fucking my business up is what they are doing. Asshats


Man oh man we have some awesome coming down the way on this. First, a new Website is being built, and we will soon be able to do online orders and an online pull list! I hope to use this to expand upon the shop and have not only a wider scope n money coming in but also a better handle on oder and inventory.
I am working on the Goblins Heist Youtube this week and getting it running. I have moved recent episodes of “COME GET YOUR NERD,” the live comic review shows I do, out of the GOBLINS HEIST. I’m also working on getting the new website and putting the inventory in. All this while SUPERCON 2022 looms ahead, various MARKETS are coming up, and a show at J Wakefield Brewery in July.

Here is a bit


Did a very cool workshop I mentioned here and now mentioning again, for the Miami Book Fair. We really get into the mindset behind working and making various things.


This week’s podcast as previously posted, the fuck!



Did this really a month ago but just go approval and it’s heading to press! Also has the option of a VIRGIN VARIANT available for sale, head over to COMICXPOSURE and get yourself one!

Here is a better view:

Regular Variant

And here is the VIRGIN COVER:

Yep, that’s me in the background, looking like spic Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons! THIS ONE IS LIMITED TO 100


This week we get deeper into Denise’s past and what she is going through.

We get into the feels…


End of one chapter last week, we get into a whole new chapter this week!

And top of all that still working on issue 2 of my FWACATA ANTHOLOGY, with a new MEATHOOK story and some more into it. New characters also!

Typical Scumbag with some scummy powers to boot!

So yeah it’s been an ordeal lately to get stuff done because running all this and getting it together is not easy. But it’s fun, to a certain degree.


Marvel Double Feature 21

I’m constantly looking at layouts in comics. I always think there is a sort of odd dynamic in older comics, not only the density of info but the overall illustrative flow. There is something to be said about that. Here are some pages by Jack Kirby and Gene Colan:

It was a comic that came in a small collection I got and I flipped through it. Some of the layout, the spreads the establishing shot are done so well, that your eyes wander on the page, besides reading. you take it all in. It’s something I want to put more into my comics really, and I find lacking at times in modern comics. So many comics try to be movies or tv shows they forget to be comics!


Also check out some of the new t-shirts design I have going over at TEEPUBLIC right now, my MARTILLO shirt is going gangbusters there:


People are digging it!

HA, what an awesome way to end the week. Hope to have more design up soon!

Alright, so that’s all for now. I’m going to get back to making comics and selling comics of my own this next week but I have two big moves, construction and SUPERCON 2022 coming up, so the next couple of weeks working will be interesting to see what I can pump out, to say the least!







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