Okay what the fuck was all that about?!?

Hello from…. the land of the living! Christ on a crutch, I just came back from the brink of Shitsville, and I’m alive. ALIVE I TELLS YA!

Besides all the work I was touching upon before, I recently had a new bout of COVID, and this time it took me to the mat. Besides the fever, the exhaustion, the head cold, and just the overall diaspora of it all… well its horrific, plain and simple no fucking upside. Other than watching a shit ton of Frazier, i was a bed ridden waste. And only now have had the impetus to sit up and start on this blog again.

It’s hard to really put all of it together, since well, I’ve mostly been sick, but here is a go:

Hello from the Everglades, where the jungle is constantly rumbling underfoot, and nature is ever-present. We try to ignore it all by having built concrete and steel on top of it, but as soon as we stop, you see the cracks forming as the glades want to reclaim everything. We are terribly temporary and that’s a good thing. 

Back at it, or better, back at reporting IT. It is the pursuit of the dream, the pursuit of MAKING COMICS and making A LIVING doing such a thing. Being an Artist is really about being an entrepreneur, being a money maker, being a HUSTLER. Because to convince people to buy your work, you need to believe in it FIRST.

I have been drawing here and there, putting certain ideas together when I can. Every bit was a pain in the ass because just sitting up was a chore. But I did get the painting done the other day and also got some stuff sold. I’m also still moving my studio within all this, which meant taking a bit of an inventory.

Make shift studio office

My office/studio now consist of a desk and shelves both at home and at the shop. Fuck.

I’m trying now to attack all my projects. Because of so many hold-ups, everything is in the air. Making a list and figuring all the ins and out and what to do. I have to admit that COVID doesn’t help. Is this how stupid people feel all the time? Must make a note.

This is some flowers for Algernon shit, I swear.

Until then, here are sketches. I hope to have shit together this week. So much to do. Because if not?

Okay I’m out.

Gotta get my shit together. Until then







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