Staying Cool in all this Hot shit.

HELLO from Miami where the current temperature is FUCK YOU.

Working on some freelance I have going, so this might be a short one only because of time and really nothing to report except for the same glorious work I do all the time. Pissing Excellence is a time-consuming thing.



Sketch for a creature for Hex Games

Working on some freelance like I said, besides drawing and wrapping up a huge lettering project. Have I told you how much I loathe lettering? I don’t know why but it’s the part where my insides just go ICKY and don’t want to do it. I have to kick that out of my system, I swear. There is a lot of work for this.

CURRENT SHARA pages to finish

As I write this, my AC is leaking water into a bucket. FUCK. Hopefully, it’ll be repaired this week. It’s still blowing cool, so life support is in one piece, but fuck me in the ass; I’m bailing water at times like I was in a sinking schooner!


Recently had someone give me shit for drawing sexy women on my Instagram. Had to inform them it’s all fantasy. I also drew Frankenstein with a fucking six-pack. But it does make me wonder if my line of thinking within my drawing is wrong. I wonder.

Always ask yourself questions, kids; it’s how you grow. It’s not that you aren’t right, but you would be better.

Sketch in question

Also have been busy as all hell at the shop, but we need to get everything up and in the air soon as we can. This has been the worst ordeal for shop I since the move back in 2017. Fucking bureaucracy will make you a republican, really fucking fact, I tell you. Sweet Jesus, what is choking our economy is bullshit on both sides. Anyway, I think it’s gonna look fucking badass, just got the rug in:

Just need to finish off the drop ceiling and some AC duct work, and we should be good to go. This week is gonna be harsh, to say the least.

On the comics front, just go the MADBALLS VS GARBAGE PAIL KIDS #1 JUAN NAVARRO EXCLUSIVE cover I did in:


I also have the virgin variant


Both are available for sale, signed by me! Any details e-mail for more!
Regular variant $20 signed
Virgin is $25 signed
Get both for $40 with a small sketch!
Email for details

Alright, other than that, I’m out. I have a mountain of work to do, a leaky ac, and have to take a shit, and i quit smoking 6 weeks ago. I feel like that joke from the movie Airplane:

Except I’m still sniffing glue.



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