Wait, so I’m supposed to care why again?

Wave at all the blood

So yeah, that happened. She died. At ninety-something. Oh wow. Are we supposed to give a hot shit about this? Thankfully my overall hatred of regular media has me on the outs of it, but spent some time in Keys this weekend and while watching TV i was amazed at how inundated it was with the news and supposed importance of these people who nothing more than a hood ornament on a death machine. Yeah, sorry fuck you. I hope they all die in a fiery crash and we catch live and make into tik-tok videos to repeat in front of us. I hope she on the flaming pineapple level of Hell. With Hitler.



Hello from Miami, where it’s still hot because some asshat decided to build a city on a swamp. Recently hit the keys where we drove the backstreets a bit to get away from the tourist crowds and found some gorgeous spot to make out own, went to a dessert restaurant where I ate some divine thing that we can only describe as chocolate because words fail us to discuss such divinity, paired with a nice Malbec. Yes I’m becoming a wine guy. I figure I need to start standing upright like the other primates no?

Enjoying things… you can too.


So I feel a bit recharged and ready for the next couple of weeks of work and play, sometimes more of one than the other, but both are always present. I’m starting to feel that a bit of the recession is hitting the Comic Book stands. At first, I thought it was something like a bump in the road, and you know school starting and people going back to work and all this other stuff I could understand that messes with people’s finances and things get a little hokey, to say the least. But I think people are really pulling back on their phones and a lot of the things That would regularly bring people in aren’t working. I am working on expanding our overall reach to get more customers in quantity over quality right now, as I see some of my heavy hitters kind of go out the door or order less or put more stuff back on the shelves. It’s not that big, but it’s enough for me to notice so who knows what might happen from there.



So I finally did it. I took the plunge… if you can really say that. I have an IPAD sort of left over from the shop and decided with an Apple Pencil that was given to me on there, I’m digitally… making… comics. Wow, finally.

It’s not so much the unfamiliarity with it, I was using an old-school Wacom tablet before for certain tweaks and such but now with this Ipad, I’m doing whole pages. This is a sneak peek at H00D a short I am starting in the FWACATA anthology. Right now I’m exploring the works and brushes, working on Adobe Fresco, back and forth from Photoshop. So far I’m happy with it. Trying to get it to work and so far it’s been a big help. I will be posting more on the Patreon and Substack as it goes.

Past week’s sketchbooks work.

Will be working to get the PODCAST back on and some other work. It’s about getting the pace going again, and turning all these fires out. Oy.

Or you know, go crazy!

My Grammarly has gone out so now have to figure funds for that. But if you enjoy my work, and dig my stuff you can always drop a buck here or support this blog on Patreon or Substack!

So that being said, I’m gonna go. It’s 11pm on Sunday, and I need to get some sleep to do the work. Thanks for listening. Here is what’s on my radar next:




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