THE PODCAST IS BACK! Updates, Bonus Episodes, Comics, yadda-yadda, and more!

Ah finally got back on doing the PODCAST and we are back to the thing, with a new episode this week and 3 new bonus episodes! Whoo!

We get into it on this podcast! Hi guys and welcome back I’m back on the air! Sorry for the hiatus but I had a bunch of stuff going on and this is what happens when you are a geek entrepreneur sometimes the worst thing that can happen is a success! I update you guys on everything with the shop and also what’s happening with the big too and why they both fucking suck at the same time what can be done to fix it and why am hopeful for the future and white comics are awesome! Join me as we catch up on this podcast and get the ball rolling again! 

Plus two Bonus episodes! Both from Cons I did recently:

Join me on a bonus episode as we get into the MAKING AND MARKETING COMICS panel at PALMCON 2022 in West Palm Beach! At the end we kind of blurred into the next with CATHAL ENTERTAINMENT with PM McCall so there a little bonus to the bonus there!

BONUS EPISODE THIS WEEK AS WE MAKE A COMEBACK! Join Kenny Calderon, Andre Labrada, and myself as we talk about collecting and filling that hole in our souls with things from the Miramar Comics Expo!

WOOT! Good to be back! Subscribe and listen, support through Patreon or anything else!







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  1. Le Freres Heureux  – FWACATA! Avatar

    […] Finally back at it this week with the podcast and even two bonus episodes! It’s been a real bitch to get back on the podcast, with the shop […]


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