Le Freres Heureux 

Niles: “The Happy Brothers”… Brilliant! It’s homey, but just hard enough to pronounce to intimidate the riff-raff! 

Frasier: Yes!

The Innkeepers — Frasier Transcripts Season 2 Episode 23

Hopefully, that is what the title infers.

Recently, when I was plunged into the depths of COVID, I spent many a terrible day with one solace: watching all 11 seasons of Frazier during that time. Some of it was blurred as I was feverish and passing out at times, but it would just the there. Its humor was sharp but you didn’t have to sit and really pay attention, you would just go about seeing the adventures of the Cranes, or better-said misadventures.

NETTING that what I’m drawing NETTING

I walked away with a realization of myself: am as foolish, selfish, and self-centered as Frazier. Without the degree or money or education to back it up. I don’t say this as an admonishment really but in my darker crappier days, I really do run a bit Frazier-ish in my arrogance and my outlook on my fellow human beings. There are times when he makes certain remarks, be it the main character or his brother Niles, and I can only sit there and agree. I don’t even laugh I just sit there going “Hell yeah” while the laughs or gasps happen. I wonder where the humor was when they spoke the truth of that, THE RIFF RAFF.

Not you of course fellow reader, you guys are awesome. But all those bums out there!

I hope you notice my sarcasm in this. I say all this remembering the fever I had and thinking back on my life. Nothing better than being a constant 101 degrees and taking stock of your decisions until that point and instead of thinking about the wrongs you did, think “It could never be another way!” I made decisions on friends, acquaintances, business, jobs, etc, many times if I just didn’t like the person, or get along, I didn’t mince words or actions. In my younger brasher days I would call them assholes to their face and when you are talking to an Art Director or potential client, that doesn’t help none. In my more nuance older years, I just don’t talk to them and try my best to keep things mum.

NEW SHIRT DESIGN UP! https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/35023819-approves-by-deez-huevos-code?store_id=156567

Interesting factoid about me: if I don’t like someone like I really hate them, I don’t even look at you while we are talking. As I get older, the amount of bile that builds up in speaking to some jackass is too much for my own health so I just look away keep it short and GTFO.

So yeah, I like having my own clubhouse, my own business, my own cut of the world, nice thick walls, a good moat, and occasional warning shot over the head at people to keep it fine. I can’t and won’t suffer fools. Let’s keep the RIFF RAFF OUT!

This bit of outrage is brought to you by Patreon. If you dig this compound I’ve made and my little corner of the inter, support with just a buck a month. I make so much crap it’ll go a long way to making more crap. Yay.



Hello from Miami where, unless the heat has finally spoiled my brain, I felt a soft bit of a cool breeze. Then again, a hurricane is coming. So I do not know if this is the apocalypse rounding the corner, or the bullshit version of fall. I stood outside talking to customer for a bit and didn’t feel like my ass was soaking. So, it could be something.


ZOMBIE YEARS is in its 7th issue on Webtoons and I have to say it’s been really fun seeing the series get new attention and new readers!

While VIGIL is chugging along, finding an odd small audience who dig this odd comic I did almost 20+ years ago!

I hope to soon add to each series as I get to the end of the comics I have, like Zombie Years Issue 10 and VIGIL issue 9? That will be cool. Though the new Meathook stories in the FWACATA anthology could be said to be a continuance of those stories. I’m beating that around, for now, rather be telling cool stories than getting into Continuity.


Have been busy putting some stuff for sale like the past covers (HAHA and Vampirella) I’ve done, and also getting more original work out:

Hit me up with any offer at Fwacata@gmail.com


I’m also working on separate portfolio website, see if I can dreg up some more comic book work as of late. Spinning plates people.



YES! Finally back at it this week with the podcast and even two bonus episodes! It’s been a real bitch to get back on the podcast, with the shop being so busy and just so many moving parts to navigate and not get crushed. Luckily the rhythm is returning and being able to get back to making them again! Here:


Also two bonus episodes!

Also had a fun time at PALMCON last week did some panels and talked to a lot of friends. I don’t what to do when some people said I looked great and others said I look like crap, it was like half and half and I’m like “What HELL did happen to me?” Did do a little drawing Madlibs thing and it was great fun:



The Goblins Heist is chugging along, but I have to say it: SHIT HAS BEEN A BIT SLOW. We’ve done some miracles but I am plainly crapping myself a bit as we go along. It’s like somebody unplugged something. We are going okay and we may see the end of the year coming, but all in all, it is getting slower. I know it. I have more calls to sell their collection, be it comics or otherwise because they need the money than I have people who are coming to get comics. That to me is the canary in the coal mine, and that fucker wasn’t that healthy, to begin with! Really it was the shop build that killed us and maybe we can see the other side, but I’m going to have to full on and get stuff out the door more anytime else. THERE IS ACTION TO GET.

End all be all I’m having fun. Sure I got tears and I got to sweat, and who knows what is what on my face, but I got a smile, don’t I!?!? DON’T I!?!







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