Man Plans and God Laughs… and I think the cat is doing something

Oh man, this should have been up yesterday, but there was so much crap going on that I really couldn’t post a half-ass post. It’s like the Podcast, I missed this week too. I just couldn’t put up crap. I plan to double up this week and get more out, but geez, things come up.

Client Portrait

Anyway, let’s do this

Hello From Miami, where we were untouched by the passing hurricane Ian. It did a number on our west coast. All we’ve had is… gorgeous weather. It almost makes me guilty. Almost. But at least here are ways to help here here here and here.

Client sketchcover (sold)

In the middle of this, my mouse died. Like died DIED. Crap.

Reimagining of Manslaughter

Recent thoughts:

God Damn it, Seneca

“Seneca says you treat the body rigorously so that it will not be disobedient to the mind…Running or lifting weights is reminding the body who’s in charge. That’s what physical practice is—it’s the mind asserting itself over the body…This mental resilience, being in charge of yourself—that’s the ultimate muscle that you want to cultivate.”


This is true, especially as you age. It’s one of those things that you actually have to assert more into your life. I thought when I was younger, that the case of the FUCK ITS came from having too much time. But as you get olde,r it’s just pain, your body going NEH in every movement. It’s neither, it’s about getting the blood going. I swear there are days when I’m out and about and busitng ass, I feel great and sleep like a fucking rock and wake up harder than Spartan soldier before a war. It goes to show that you have to work it. Your body craves it.

I have to get on it.

The Difference Between Me on Monday and Me on Friday:

Let’s understand the Difference between a Wise and a Foolish Man:

To understand the difference between a wise and foolish man, Do hold up your thumb and forefinger, the gap which you see between the thumb and forefinger, that tiny gap is the difference between a wise and a foolish person, and that gap must be filled with all kind of knowledge learning and experiences, In order to get more wisdom we must fill ourselves with knowledge and learning, we must always educate ourselves and we must try to educate others as well, so that not only we improve but others to improve and this improvement can help our country to get develop and move towards betterment,  Not engaging ourselves with ignorance is known as wisdom.

As it says “There is No Darkness-But Ignorance.”

More Manslaughter


Starting to do Freelance again, finishing some works and such on FIVERR doing portraits and some more.

Also it’s the beginning of October so that means INKTOBER!

I’m also doing the Cartoonist Kayfabe Kayfabetober challenge each day, but this is as I go so I’m not as stringent. heck, it’s becoming a lot more fun than inktober ins some ways, so let’s see. Here are some bits:

I will be posting these daily as always on my Instagram!


So back to getting the Youtube channel up, with clips and outlooks from the weekly COMIC REVIEW show!
Here we talk about comics, but we talk about comics like real FANBOY AND GIRLS! No one is safe; everything is dangerous, and if you live in some state of limp-wristed pansies or insufficient physical fortitude to take a bad joke or some other rudeness, please move on!
Let’s get to talking about some comics! 

I don’t mean to be a dick on the show or admonish but it turns into a gaggle of assholes for a bit and I have to kind of bang the gavel a bit here and there. but other than that it’s great fun! We also have fun during the CLAIM SALES we do, also all done on the GOBLINS HEIST Facebook page.

Here is this week:

So I think this is where I will wrap this up, because I got more to do, and not enough light to do it. Sorry again for the late post for a SUNDAY FUNDAY, but this is how I’m living now, swinging from one vine to the next. If you dig what I’m doing and want to see more you can always commission me for work here, or support on the Patreon for just a buck a month! Or so Sixty for the year on Substack and get free comics!

Until then let me leave you with this bit I got from an interview with the author of “Tuesday’s with Morrie” by Mitch Albom:

“Giving to other people makes me feel alive. Not my car or my house. Not what I look like in the mirror. When I give my time, when I can make someone smile after they were feeling sad…”

I try to get that in every day. Not so much sleep or exercise or anything else that, being kind, being good, being an answer, not another question.

“Giving is Living”







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