Live from the Goblins Heist comic shop in Hialeah Florida: COME GET YOUR NERD ON! Episode 10, 10 06 2022

Welcome to the Goblins Heist:  “COME GET YOUR NERD ON!” Podcast
Here we talk about comics, but we talk about comics like real FANBOY AND GIRLS! No one is safe; everything is dangerous, and if you live in some state of limp-wristed pansies or insufficient physical fortitude to take a bad joke or some other rudeness, PLEASE, PLEASE MOVE ON!
Let’s get to talking about some comics! 

This week:

+ JOKER #1
+ Junkyard Joe #1
+ Night of the Ghoul #1
+ Sweetie #1
+ Gotham City Year one # 1
+ TMNT Saturday Morning Cartoon #1
+ MiracleMan #0
+ Unbreakable Red Sonja #1
+ Spider-man #

Every THURSDAY, we go live on Facebook, but we are coming to YOUTUBE! Expanding our audience and having a good time while talking about Funny Books and other shit. FRIDAYS, we tend to post these here.

TUESDAYS we make a live CLAIM SALE on Facebook for our Local Audience, and during the week, we do WHAT NOT (check our schedule for that) and pop up all the time on Instagram



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