MON-DAZE: Nuestro Día Ya Viene Llegando

Hello from Miami.

Our Day is Coming Soon. That’s been my message for me this whole time. It’s something to keep in mind when you are toiling when you are working when you are grinding and all you feel is the pain that it’s going somewhere.

It’s been rainy. It seems the weather Gods decided to shit on us after all, but we get off lightly unlike our west coast Florida friends. It’s night and day what happened over there, and you can still help if you wish.

Still, it’s not as hot. That’s amazing. You don’t understand to be outside and NOT SWEAT YOUR BODYWEIGHT IN TWO MINUTES here in Miami is tantamount to calling it a miracle. I love it. I feel my eyes open.


Been wanting to do this more, making videos to go along with my podcast. I have been so busy with this and that, it’s hard to really sit down and make THINGS, outside of the art. But got to do this you see up there, by just getting stuff off my to procreate and everything I’m doing for Kayfabetober. Here is a smattering:

Obviously, you can see all the INKTOBER stuff I’m doing here, every day as I post it. Digging it? Let me know


Working up the nerve and the actual page of INDIEGOGO for the FWACATA ANthology. Need a flush of cash to be in to make it happen but I think it can be done. I hope to see all the networks I have at hand and really advertise as much as I can to get the word out on this endeavor to make a real quarterly book to get the word out. All in due time I hope.


Jesus Overwatch 2 is out. How the hell am I supposed to do any work!?!

I always dug the game and I always take my little breaks playing, but sometimes those breaks get a little too long as I play. I have to take cross-platform off because you can tell the Comp players over anyone else. Too much too hard! other than that it’s a great game and I’m not a broke bitch that I can’t pay for the battle pass, soooo…

That’s it for now. I’m keeping it short so I can work on some more stuff down the road. Mind you I have some cool shit coming up this week but we will touch base until then. I’m going to open another window as soon as I publish this and start on the next chapter so that IT CAN COME OUT ON TIME SUNDAY.

Until then please consider supporting this page and all my antics by going to Patreon and/or Substack where you can find some fantastic ways of getting involved and making this grow!



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