Just Sitting on my ass, working?

Hello from the Everglades, where the weather is getting hospitable enough to be …outside. It’s an odd feeling. Like the part in the horror movie where you think all is good.. and then…

Went to see BLACK ADAM this week as part of a special preview and got into that and more on the podcast. Decided to combine this with some time-lapse drawings and bam! You got the Youtube channel above. It’s a bit slow going, I know, but hey you can hit play and let it go if you like!


At the Halfway mark and here is where we are at!
I might make a little Zine of this, what do you guys think?

KAYFABEtober is also happening though I need to play catch up!

All in due time.

Other than that, working on FWACATA #2 and great reviews are coming in for issue 1! I’m happy! Time for more!



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