Like Selling Dead Rats on Roman streets

Hello from the Everglades, where the weather is dry, and there are hints of winter. Nothing out of this world, but the fact that you can finish that day with your taint a sopping mess of mean smut, it’s a good day. The beaches were complete, the streets busy, yes it was time to get out and around!

Currently working away on a Sunday, between this, inktober, the shop, freelance, commissions, and more I have a full plate. It’s not only a time to put stuff in order, but an appropriate time for each. I have to not look at the money involved but at the effect and my love for the piece. It’s hard because there are times I”m doing a $20 sketchcard and want to go to town or have a $1000 cover and just want to be done with it, and out of the way. Decisions.

INKTOBER is going, I only missed two days this time around so I think I’m getting it:

I have an Etsy shop to open. I’m finally figuring this would serve two purposes: to sell FWACATA anthology on there for physical copies. I was working on various ways I wanted to do this, and the best way with the best reach and maybe not as much profit would be to open a store there. Two, I can also use it for some of the thrift stuff I’m going to try to do. I have a staggering t-shirt collection going out the door soon and would rather bank on the year of collecting shirts than just throw them out the door. eBay has proven crappy at doing this, so Etsy may do something. We’ll see. Speaking of t-shirts:

TEEPUBLIC store is bumping I’m happy people are finding stuff on there. Again nothing to retire on but as I go and put stuff together I’m gonna figure all this out as one. Hitting on all cylinders folks. Commissions are trickling in for the holidays, like so:


Have to make sure the comic shop is ready for the holidays, making orders, figuring trends, etc., etc. It’s sad to say that comics themselves are hard to sell in Miami, but having gone online selling on eBay, it’s been fortunate.

There is a dark cloud coming to comics and the world in general. A lot of folks talking about how bad the street is, how the economy is going to shit, and people are broke. NOT A GOOD THING FOR COMICS. They are the first frills to get cut off, and it’s hard to compete with Netflix and the bullshit out there, as much as I love comics, selling them can be like the vendor from History of the World:

Selling Comics is like being the Dead Rat guy

But we got to struggle on, plain and simple. Comics are fun. They are awesome, they are engaging, and yeah between a sandwich and comics almost 4 out of 5 times I pick comics. I mean look at me:

So, then there is more to say but you can always go to Patreon for more on the general aspects of my projects and some behind scenes there, and on the FWACATA anthology join the SUBSTACK and subscribe to get some really exclusive stuff on there!

I’m worried. Like everyone else, I won’t lie. I have my faith though, and so because of that I know it will work out. When you live long enough, you’ll see these sorts of bumps happen and maybe we will have to bust ass but I think we will be good about it. Hopefully navigate to the next green pasture, as promised lands are long gone these days. In this time, hang on, be hard, stay strong, and know that this too shall pass.







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