HELLO from Miami, where the temperatures are cooling but so are people’s wallets. We have the lowest median income of any major city and can’t afford to live here. It’s all flash with no money here. It would be a ghost town if it wasn’t for so many broke ass people. January is supposed to be an economic hell. Prepare yourself, for the Recession, is coming. Que pinga.

Above, is this week’s show, where we review comics, click through LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE! It helps the channel and keeps us going.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do.

I have been hard at it to get various new outlets in shape. If you have been following me you know I have been doing more on my own. Less partner, less interaction, just me. This is hard, to say the least, it’s hard because I have no one to go to or bounce ideas off, this is me, doing my stuff how I want. That also means I’m seeing what works and what doesn’t, and I end up with the worst boss I could have: myself.


So I am preparing these things now, one being the Etsy shop to go forward and make this happen. I was going to go with an actual online store but there is value in being in a space that has an inherent audience, and that’s what I hope for. I’m also for sure doing other things, like eBay and more, but to get my work out there, as much as possible and wave the flag. I make damn good comics, damn it. They need to be out there.

That being said INKTOBER IS COMING to a close! Here are some highlights from this week:

Here for you guys is a sneak peek to my newest T-shirt design:

Available now on Teepublic!

And that wraps up another week for now. Lots on the horizon, check out my Substack for behind-the-scenes stuff on the FWACATA comic, and on Patreon for everything else!

No matter what happens, remember you are a person, a whole being, not some fucking animal. You can do so much more than you think, you just need to get yourself there. The flesh is just an obstacle, the spirits, that where shit lies. Go for it.




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