Rattle them bones, quick the flesh, get going

Hello from Miami, where it seems 2022 is picking up its stuff and putting everything in boxes already, because it’s done, it’s done, and doesn’t want anything anymore. Not even a two-week notice, he gave everyone in the office the finger and told Janice in Accounting she’s a bad lay. I’m gonna miss that guy.

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In all seriousness where the fuck has the year gone?!? Christ on a crutch it’s like time is slipping right past me and I got nothing. I still think it’s September. Fuck.


yes so I created a LOGO for the site and brand of FWACATA. Whacha think?

This leads me to this:

We don’t despair of a goal because we’re not perfect, Epictetus said. We strive to get closer to it each day. We strive to get better each day. This, as Marcus might have written to himself, is your reminder.

— More Often Than Not


Man this was… WOOF! Work, but fun. I always miss it after it’s done, but start getting a hate for it while it happens. Then you get into it, and it’s over. It’s like fucking a Bear. I think.


THIS WEEK: I always imagined how I look at stupid people is how a cross-trainer probably looks at me: in absolute distaste and furious hatred. So let’s combat that! DESTROYING YOUR IGNORANCE in the information age (they still call it that right?)


Welcome to the Goblins Heist: “COME GET YOUR NERD ON!” Podcast

Here we talk about comics, but we talk about comics like real FANBOY AND GIRLS! No one is safe; everything is dangerous, and if you live in some state of limp-wristed pansies or insufficient physical fortitude to take a bad joke or some other rudeness, PLEASE, PLEASE MOVE ON!
Let’s get to talking about some comics!
This week:

  • Deadpool #1
  • Hell to Pay #1
  • Quick Stops #1
  • Cherish #1
  • Batman and the Joker, Deadly Duo # 1
  • Briar #1 (2nd print)
  • Behold Behemoth #2
    And MORE!

Every THURSDAY, we go live on Facebook, but we are coming to YOUTUBE! Expanding our audience and having a good time while talking about Funny Books and other shit. FRIDAYS, we tend to post these here.

TUESDAYS we make a live CLAIM SALE on Facebook for our Local Audience, and during the week, we do WHAT NOT (check our schedule for that) and pop up all the time on Instagram


I have various items now there and on Ebay, going from Commission work to Original art. if you dig the blog take a look and favorite the shop and follow as I have more coming down the pipeline.

I’m sitting here the Sunday before this one, writing, going over files and some ideas for this and that… and found pictures. People I knew, people that are gone, in more ways than one. File names and notes with talented friends and stupid fucking acquaintances. Love lost, friendships lost, tears made, things that are gone, just gone. Yeah, bitter things. In the end, though I am happy. I got to know them. And something is patched up with a phone call I could make or will never make but in the end, it’s the realization that it’s done. Life is a series of “Done” and you move on. If you live right more will come down the line, more opportunities more happiness, more heartbreak more scary shit that make you wonder why you even opened your eyes that morning. But that’s the blessing, isn’t it? To live. It’s all that shit and more. Oh, Lord.

Yes reminiscing like crazy. It’s that time of the year. It’s not bad just don’t get overwhelmed. Enjoy it, it’s your life, no one else’s.




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