SUNDAY FUNDAY: WHEW! Is that my hand on fire?

It warms the cockle of my heart, the outpouring of love from many of you about the new direction in my life and everything that’s going on. You all are just fantastic, and it helps this aging artist get out of bed so many people love things like this. I really do appreciate it.

That being said, it’s not like I’m dead or I’m sick. It’s just letting go of one thing to do another thing, BETTER. Folks are surprised to see me happy, skinnier ( lost like 10 pounds being home and drawing), and overall in a better room, without folks, asking me a million questions a day and it’s the same shit. Amazing what happens when you get a huge weight off yourself and move forward right? it reminds me of that bit about Divorce LOUIS CK does:

God is good.

Hello, from the Everglades where the weather is finally fucking good! Sweet Jesus, it’s nice out, or so I’ve heard. I’m strapped to the drawing table most of the time, luckily having commissions like mad:

Back to Podcasting too, decided to go back in as so many folks are asking for it. Tune in on Mondays too as I will have short 10-minute Monday motivation podcast out for you guys. Here is this weeks:

HOLIDAY BREAK CUT SHORT! Why? Well I tell you why in this episode also we get into signs the need for them and I’d prefer warning over censorship anyway. Let’s goooo! Find more on and my livestreams on Check out my profile on Whatnot to see what I am selling, want, or have in my collection: Apply to sell today on Whatnot! fwacata thinks you’ll be a great addition to our seller community.

Send in a voice message

As always check me out on WHATNOT this week as I will soon be out and about in El Paso for a bit, looking into some things out there. check out the links for more. This is short and sweet this week as I have to get ack to singing some ink to pay the bills. As always hit me up and let me know if you have any questions or what you, reach me below.

Be concerned… about something. It’s not enough to exist, sometimes you should get involved but do it because you give a fuck, not for anything else. You know…



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