2023 Lets RIP AND DIP!

Hit it and Quit it, Copulate & Depopulate, Tap it and gap it, SMASH AND DASH, cum & go, fuck & flee, screw & scram, copulate/capitulate, Cum ‘n’ run, Bash ‘n’ dash, the ol’ in & out, bang & begone, hump & dump, Ejaculate and evacuate, Tag and release, Shut the face fuck the base, Give’m the business and bang the gavel, the pound and bound!

You know, get to it! It’s 2023 and it’s all new! AGAIN! At least in our minds, we think everything has reset, redone, and is ready to go, and in all reality, NO IT HASN’T! BUT!

SKETCHCARD for a Client

A big BUTT

Maybe we can do that, who knows. Maybe in the vast consciousness. that is humanity’s mind, the universe, being observed through our lens, gives a shit and it’s time to do something. Sure, why not. Or by your own hand, you can take the universe by the reins and get to what you need to be.

Enjoy the show People.

Hello from the Everglades, where I’m back from the southwest, seeing mountains, desert, snow, and eating too much food. I think I on;y have so many seasons left in me to gorge in such a way. As I’m getting older, I just can’t eat like I used to. Now I’m becoming a nibble guy. A NIBBLE GUY. Sweet Jesus, when did this happen? This is what you will say after you hit your 40s. Just go with it.

…but maaaaan what a nibble

I am able to be a little more on it, a little more conscious of things. Everything keeps improving, and even when it doesn’t, it’s still good. I see a lot of work ahead of me before I need to clap hands with Mr. Pocket. Let’s go.


WHATNOT has been great, I had to do a lot of work to get through while on the road, and now that I’m back I’ll be back LIVE tomorrow at 12 doing live drawing and getting ideas together in front of a live audience. Join me, as I go live with LUNCHBOX every weekday and work on weekend shows too!


Been working on the 2nd issue of FWACATA with lots of different angles but overall continuing the REZ story just needs lettering. Then a New Meathook four-parter I want to start and a sci-fi one-shot. You can see the MEATHOOK up there.

Two part sketchcard with Captain Marvel


This time I didn’t leave anything to chance and recorded some episodes through the break, which you can find anywhere you get your podcasts but can go here or here if you prefer.

They will soon have their own entries again into the blog and then get a page going to keep them just in case Spotify blows up or I’m finally canceled.

These are my main things going for now. I’m playing catch up with myself while still trying new projects but I have plenty to do. Join me here and subscribe to not miss a thing!

And as always if you are looking to get some work done, have any questions, or just wanted to reach out, you can always email me and let me know what’s up:

Alright, let me let you go. New years, new this, new that, whatever the case, remember to love yourself and others, and every day will be new. It’s scary and stupid in the world, so hug who you need to hug, tell them you love them, and then when Death comes around you can give him a kick in the balls.




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