PODCAST: a Double shot of FWACATA this week

Due to travel last week I wasn’t able to get the episode up and so keep my word and have it going smoothly I recorded an extra episode, one of the Monday Motivation, and have it here for your pleasure!

I hope to go back to video episodes and get some of that done for youtube, it’s just about getting my ducks in a row to do it. I’m even thinking of sending it out to get done by someone, like a Fiverr sort of thing… thinking about it.

Till then you can always support the PODCAST for just a buck a month plus the comics and all my other meanderings on Patreon! Just a buck a month! And also you can sport a t-shirt too!

until then enjoy, I think Fridays and Saturdays I will post the podcast ton here but you can always follow it here or wherever you listen to podcasts, search for FWACATA! Boom!



One response to “PODCAST: a Double shot of FWACATA this week”

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