SUNDAY FUNDAY: Why do old people wear big underwear?

Did it fit them before and they just got older and shrank or did they just think they will grow into it.

FEMALE Ghost Rider concept I did on the live stream the other day! Maybe a print? hmmm

Hello, from the Everglades, where the sun is shining yet it dropped to like 29 degrees last night (or so we think) which is NOT MIAMI WEATHER. Hilariously many people have broiled in the sun due to this, as it still is standing there like an angry sun god looking upon its swamp land thinking the heretics there need to burn. I was driving the other day to the airport, traveling again, as I saw this and thought wtf is going on. The Climate Change Denier in me got worried, what if it went the other way? hmmm

Working like mad this week to keep up all projects and keep working towards the goal of artistic independence. That is the dream to be able to wake up and make every day without needing to appeal or scratch for corporate profits, ill-gotten by an asshole system, but by people who genuinely like my work and want to see more of it. This is long-standing but it’s happening. Some old reinforcements might arrive soon but I won’t know till Monday so more on that later. Until then you can contribute to the cause, here and here. If not spread the word!

So every Weekday at 12 I’m on WHATNOT drawing on a live stream while drumming up business; Sketchcovers, Sketchcards, Art Commissions, and more on there. I call it LUNCHBOX as you can watch me draw during your lunch break and have met some cool people through there and also got to some great projects like so:

SHE-HULK for a client on WHATNOT

Here is also a micro version via sketchcard:

Available for $20!

I’ve also been able to get some copies of FWACATA #1 sold through here and find a new audience. I pretty much see it as running a daily virtual ARTIST ALLEY table there, talking to folds about my work, and getting more out there. I have plans to expand and maybe use OBS to broadcast and get it to cut nicer but that will be about time and experimentation later. This leads me to…

I got into a crazy project mind that will run across MEATHOOK and VIGIL into MAGIC CITY as an ongoing underpinned comic. I swear I said it once I said it a million times if I lived 100 years more I won’t get all the comics I want to do DONE. This I will show a little on PATREON if you want to see more, but here are pages from the notebooks I have going showing the story about two guys hustling for a Supervillain Mafia:

It’ll be running next year on WEBTOONS I think or with FUGLY, once I get them down. For now, it’s being done fast and loose on my IPAD, while I finish MEATHOOK for FWACATA #2. More on this on the Patreon Blog

Yesterday we posted all the podcasts plus extras on here if you want to see it, for now I will post this weeks main podcast:

Get the t-shirt while your at it!

So this is a taste of things to come, I will be posting more comprehensive stuff on the Patreon on the current comic project while the making of the FWACATA anthology ( issue 2 should be out soon) will be posted on Subtack! Subscribe to either and get all the JUICE!

All of this in the first week of the year for me back at work. I feel like it’s both ridiculous and enchanting how fast things evolve and move, but in the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is part of me who want to get off the ride already, but most of me like being at the wheels of this.. this… THING I made rolling down the hill, figuring out the brakes before we crash.

Because if anything that is life right? If you enjoy it, let me know:

Till then, remember to take care of yourself and others,. it’s not about seeing if you have enough, sometimes it’s about making sure everyone has something too. You are not here for you, but for everyone else.







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