SUNDAY FUNDAY: The Flood might be the best thing to come to Miami

Dashing aren’t I?

HELLO FROM north fork Miami River section, as I was looking at a map. There are many rivers here in Miami, that snake through, but seemingly unknown to most as we are too damn busy to look at them as we go to work. I wanted to find nature here, as it’s being cut down right before me and used google maps to do it, wandering to see what is what and where. And then like a Druid attuned to his environment, I put my ear to the ground and listened to Miami concrete speak:

Paradise costs money people. And if you can’t take it get the fuck out. Here it’s about making the Green baby, not saving the green! It’s about high rises not high spirits, it’s about looking good, not feeling good! When the rest of the country is freezing and shut in we are outside, bawling and balling! The heat has to our heads instead of our heart, we are stone cold and shit face, drugged out and medicated in our own ways! Everyone is welcome if you have the cash; if not, take the bus! Miami is not for the people it’s for the MONEY, be it crept or tax evaded, for the person who wants to get away from it all, including the IRS! Miami is for Miami, fuck the rest of you!

Miami Concrete

Yep, Miami is an asshole made incarnate. 

Working on FWACATA #2 the last legs of it to put together. I’m trying to figure out the third story and what to put in so it’s taking a bit there, plus I got to do a cover, but I have some ideas for that. I also want to implement the Homage variant to MCP #1 there too. 

Worked out a deal with Creature Entertainment and going forward I will be the CCO of the company and make these last books happen in 2023. Lots of Kickstarters for it but the books are done it’s about getting to print. So prepare for me to be hooting and hollering soon about my comics, more so than usual. 


The 2nd series has about 3 issues in the can and we’ll see about getting the last of it done.  It’s now getting them where they need to be.

Sample of what to come…

Zombie Years

We are at issue 8 on ZY, and it’s chugging along every Wednesday on Webtoons. It looks like this year we will pierce into the 9th issue, which will be very interesting because issue 10 is only half done. That means I have to do new Zombie Years this year. Wow. Back at it after 10 years, can I do it? Hmmm. 


Issue 7 is up and it’s the PARTY episode. This was done in conjunction with everyone else at Graphicsmash to celebrate the site. Graphicsmash was one of the first websites to run webcomics as a group online and got the word out on webcomics and was one of my first breaks in comics. It was quite the site for its time and great fun, and if you are a fan you can find some really cool Easter eggs in this episode as it goes.

I do think that VIGIL is coming to an end on here and so I’m now trying to think if I continue afterward with Meathook and the Whole Magic City universe here, or go forward and keep in on here. Hmmm. I’d rather just make the comics and slap them together than strategize this bullshit so I may just do that.

Powers that Be

I have to get more episodes down and write and need to dedicate days and time to writing. This is becoming more and more Sundays because it’s just made to be offline and get stuff out.

Ferro Ocelot Concept

Office Unicorn

An old concept done with Kenny Calderon might be resurrected for a new publisher. Having a meeting today about it. Stay tuned!

I’ve been wanting to create again, just to make paintings for the sake of fucking paintings and most of this will be scattershot, when my brain is fried making men fly and shoot beams from their ass, to just go and put my hand in the dirt and make paintings. Yeah, that’s the ticket. 

I keep working up WHATNOT and doing live on there but thinking of trying to get the OBM going and making multiple shots and or multiple different live streams, also on Instagram and Twitch but not sure if I’m just casting the net too wide, you know? Is that something you want to see?

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Been writing or trying to get a better cohesive take on what I’m saying. I live in my head, and I mean a bit more than usual nowadays, and they are times that even I can fumble. So I work on it on a page like I always do. This has led to more insights and running the same gamut as when I did Stand up. So I will funnel it into the Podcast.

As we come to the end of this blog post, I hope that you have been inspired by the incredible artwork and storytelling that this medium has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned comic book fan or new to the world of comics, we hope that you’ve discovered something new and exciting. Remember, comics are not just for kids, they are for everyone and have the ability to transport us to new worlds, introduce us to new characters, and tell stories that can move us in ways we never thought possible. So, pick up a comic book and let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless.



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