SUNDAY FUNDAY: Ah, both ends it is then…

“My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light!”

― Edna St. Vincent Millay, A Few Figs from Thistles

Hello again from Miami where it’s still… pleasant. Who would’ve thought!?! 

A friend and I were talking on the phone there other day and he gave me a lot of praise for all the stuff I’m doing; the comics, art, podcast, working it every day and he said “How do you do it? What aren’t you doing?” well here it is:

+ Sleeping
+ Eating Shit
+Making Excuses
+Talking Shit
+Crying over dumb shit

You know, generally not being a LITTLE BITCH WITH SKINNED KNEE. Try it some time, it works.

Running a contest to bring more folks to the FWACATA experience on Instagram and grow that a bit more. I spend most of my time there and it’s a Resource as much as entertainment. Yes, I’m a sucker for dog videos like any other human being but snippets of news war, gore, humor, and slight voyeuristic crap. I go from the puppy videos all the way to narco executions in a swipe. It’s fucked up I know. But I feel that in making it you have to use good materials. My uncle, a chef, used to say that if you really want to make a good meal just buy good ingredients, and after that just don’t fuck it up!  Something filled my head with various facts and ideas; looking at how the Vulcan Gatling gun is loaded on an A10 warthog to the building of a camper out of a U-haul trailer to a real shooting in the streets of Brazil, the showing of war-torn bodies in Kharkiv, to a webcomic about existential everyday dread.

Speaking of which, check out NOTHING BUT CLAMS:

Oh and tits. Lots of tits and ass. Man, it is full of that.

I will be working on POWERS THAT BE, which I will be showing on PATREON, and on digging into some of the art styles I’ve been able to come up with for the comic. Both are streamlined and detailed which makes them fun to produce. 

Done for a client via WHATSAPP

Also writing more now I’ve etched out time on my schedule to sit down and bang on the keys or writer notes for a bit. Even though January is almost over, it’s taking a bit to get into the groove out of the shop and work. I’m still shitting bricks. 

This has helped me to find new work. OFFICE UNICORN is a new project I hope to have with Kenny Calderon AKA WILD INX. We previously worked on TOMMY (he did covers) and CHRONICLES OF SHARA. We were kicking around this idea for a while now and it seems we have a possible publisher so we decided to start raising the sales:

(Art by Kenny, I’m just writing the thing)

Here is a bit from the synopsis/pitch doc:

The interactions of the workspace is the mirror to humanity we all know in the 1st world.

The humdrum office drudgery is fuel for the fantasy realms and this unicorn is here to suck it dry.

Magic and weirdness! Humanity and hilarity!

I have a full template for pitches I used made up of many other writers’ pitch templates if you want to use it! You can find it on Patreon and for a buck, you get all the other resources too!

Look at this hideous thing!

So I just got a bunch of He-man and Action figures from a good friend and I am rubbing my hands on what I want to do. See, if you see guys like Empire Toy Works or Rainbow Yawn, they are doing some phenomenal work and I just want to throw my hand into the ring and start making custom toys and making stuff to show off. These will be my new canvas, and well some actual canvases too!

COME GET YOUR NERD ON! is BACK! Doing them again every Thursday at Goblins Heist and making comics, talking comics, and general ridiculousness! Check it:

Also the normal stuff:

Oh and still pumping the PODCAST as always this time I’m trying to get it to be more in line and integrated overall. MONDAY MOTIVATION is doing really good too! Subscribe wherever you get podcasts!

Other than all this, I’m here spinning plates all the time.

The price of freedom is responsibility plain and simple, you have to be on top of shit if you are not going to suck the teat of some asshole or corporation or something. You have to move, be on it and head on a swivel. And as much, as you are being this badass, also bow your head, say thank you, and be humble.

Remember that.








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