Hello from the Peninsula of dick known as Miami, where the conceit of being a piece of shit is considered a standard of living. There was a skip week, and… yeah didn’t tell anybody! I just was so busy, but in such a good way trying to get these comics done, and get stuff out to people I just couldn’t sit down and really just type all the crap I did this week into one thing. So put on the Vaseline this one is gonna be a double! 

It’s Avocado season though! GF made excellent pasta with it!

There is a saying here “Running on Cuban Time” which means you are running… like HELLA LATE.  Yes, it could be construed as pretty racist if it wasn’t fucking true 90% of the time. Many things are late here. Maybe it’s because of the weather and climate, the Sun always being out, and the mountains of drugs we have all the time available, but Miami runs on CUBAN time. I’m half Cuban and that shit even gets me (see late blogs and podcasts) but fuck me, man, people are just ass here now. 

Miami… just looking at your sorry ass.

One thing is if you are five or even ten minutes late, understandable, shit happens especially with the traffic here and all that, but the fact that people will go an hour late and then look at you like YOU are the asshole for coming on time, is just a whole new level…


Miami, sweet Jesus, I am critical of her, because I was raised here, and thought it could do and can do better, but I feel all that fucking assholes inside, they are past the gates and have infested, laying eggs, and you wonder if she’ll just tumble and fall. 

I missed last week’s update because I was super busy getting stuff done! That might be the pattern for the next couple of months as I’m really trying to make things go full-time. Please stay tuned, and let me know if you have any questions! 

WHATNOT has been busy and paying the bill lately with this as I work on comics. Here are some samples:



GHOST RIDER seems to be something people want to see a lot of recently and I am only so happy to oblige. I have a story in my pocket but I do have to hammer it out more than anything. I also just got the 2022 MIDNIGHT SONS FLEER ULTRA cards in and will be working on this, though I can’t do shit until the set is released which can take a while to say the least!

I’m going to hit these out of the park on these, so let’s see what happens!

As always if you want a commission from me, hit me up on WHATNOT every Weekday at 12pm eastern, join me as I work on Sketchcover and Sketchcard, talk comics, listen to tunes, and sell my wares! FWACATA #1, my comic is up for sale with a sketchcover option! Look at the store for more and check out my work on or you can also hit me up on EBAY or ETSY too!


Check out HEY HEY MISTAH J right here on TEEPUBLIC and rock some FWACATA!

FWACATA # 2 is coming along really well and has some great new stuff to put in but tune in to the PATREON for more. For now, here is a sneak peek at POWERS THAT BE I hope to premiere in the 2nd issue but also as an online series ( I don’t know where) in APRIL 2023?

Also, Kenny announced our series OFFICE UNICORN to happen soon:

Once I have more news I’ll let you know what’s up! And Since we are on the subject of INSTAGRAM:

Just click, follow, comment, and tag, and you ae in! Repost for more!

Two week of fun!

Been working on this, at least writing and really trying to get my message and my ideas across. Is it working? I have no idea but I’m having fun as I go.

Been watching PRIMAL on Hbomax and it’s incredible. Heartfelt and simple but with real artistry and an approach that makes me in awe and inspires me to do better. It’s the reason I pulled back on certain projects because watching it, I realized there is so much more to do. I’t snot only did the level of artistry it was also the breadth of the story it was telling, just made me realize there was more to do. I mean look at these backgrounds:

I mean look at it! Sweet Jesus, they are amazing. And there is no “ART OF PRIMAL” out there, which boggles the mind. Fucking great show. 

The garden is coming around and I go reap some benefits:

It was tasty!

And that’s the message right? Things take time to grow. We don’t know this nowadays with our fucking go-go bullshit world, but sometimes it’s just about planting, watering, and waiting. That in itself is an awesome thing.

Have a badass week.



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