Hello from Miami where slowly the sun god has decided our acts of repentance are not enough and must extol a tax and burn us slowly into the ground again. Let us pray, and hope our cindered corpses please his wrath.

If only it was that easy. Fuck.

Commission done for a client on WHATNOT

On the subject of God: do you know that genesis in the Bible could have originally been told as a pro-women or better yet, qualitative statement? Yeah for real! Like so

To Christianity, Sarah was just valued as a subservient woman.
There she is, after all, in 1 Peter 3:6:
“Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and called him her lord.”
Or was that the Christian mistranslation? The word ‘obeyed’ means to ‘listen’, and the word ‘lord’ is the term for ‘husband’.
The story the religion never understood is that Sarah had recognized Abraham as her husband, and listened to him—as God, in Genesis 21:12, reminds Abraham: “Listen to whatever Sarah tells you…”
They learn to listen to each other. And so Abraham and Sarah, male and female, the whole human, become the representatives of ‘God’ on earth.

-Article here

I love that, our unity is what makes us US GOD.
How great is that idea? I find it endearing to the idea of God and humanity. Our relationship is not good now as cultures clash and keep the same hypocritical cycle. It says something about the idea of original sin and keeping humanity on the wrong foot. Hmmm.

Yes, when I’m not a fucking nerd I ruminate on the idea of God and our relationship with them.

My relationship with God, in a nutshell


Things have slowed down a bit but I keep coming in and keeping my head semi-over water with work though not in the way in happy with. At least the project and ideas have been pretty awesome.
And people have been supportive so I feel fortunate. Poor but fortunate! Ha.




BADGES?!?! we Don’t need no stinking BADGES!

Yes, that’s about 15 years of comic conventions you see up there. I’m now working on the next 15 years!

This next week I’m gonna finish FWACATA no.2 for sure. It will be priority 1 since it is just about getting everything entered and designed. I’ve just been hesitant because of bills and other projects coming in. For now, it’s about the attack plan. I will also run Substack on it too.

Here is a sneak peek at a series I was planning, POWERS THAT BE may have been dead on arrival as my IPAD I was doing this, I had to give back to my old job. So now I’m trying to get it done another way possibly or waiting until I get another one.

If you want to help get me one or help the page, hit up this link and hey I will forever be grateful to you!

Soon, damn it SOON.


So two MONDAY MOTIVATIONS AND PODCAST EPISODE and we decided to do a review episode extra too! The Podcast has been cooking a little bit and been writing more for it and planning more, it’s all very cerebral. Meaning it’s all about the next subject and angle sometimes trying to now write the upcoming season of the podcast. But that may change soon. Let’s see.


So much more is going on but until things are concrete and I know what is happening, I’ll hold off. But it’s amazing how much life and God can drop you signs when you are in the dumps and tell you “Hey, just hold on, chuckles”

“Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.”

 Tennesse Williams, Camino Real



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