SUNDAY FUNDAY: Hello from the Bermuda Triangle.

Yes, Miami is in the Bermuda Triangle… makes sense if you ask me.  I mean where else can you lose yourself more than this sunny place for shady people?

Speaking of losing the year is going fast! It’s March? MARCH?!? What the hell? I have to regulate myself and my mind. I need to meditate a bit and slow the breathing g in my life. Too much at times means too much on my mind. Have to focus and enjoy it all. Keep that in mind, in the GO GO GO remember to take all in. It’s the journey, not the destination.


Yadda yadda yadda! 

Went to Yoga the other day. Here is some deep yogi wisdom I’m going to give you: Do not eat a pan con chorizo and a coffee right before going because you will be nauseous as all hell. Between that, the hole in my sock that made me look like a fucking hobo, and just overall exhaustion it was one of the hardest sessions I ever did. But it was worth it. At least I say that now. There is a part where she says to you “Breath in, get straighter/taller, breath out and twist” and man that works! I was able to get myself into positions I thought I was passed. Yoga is a wonder as many will say but the hum my blood had after does so much. Try it! At the moment it suuuuuuucks giant wet open ass, but after?!? Yeah man it works. At 45 you need something!

At least work has picked up a bit and some projects are coming around the corner. I maybe get a new day job though because of plans my lady and I have, got to put certain funds together. Yeah, it sucks but perhaps I need the break in the routine, ya know? Something to shake up and make the juices go. 

One thing I dig is making relationships and talking on whatnot. It has been great fun and I hope to post some sessions here to show it all off.

It’s trying to find a way to replace the IPAD and keep working on POWERS THAT BE but it looks moot without the right brushes and such. Experimenting using my phone.m to do it but stylus being what they are, it’s kind of meh. Will report soon on the next step.

Got to do an illustration of my version of NIGHT THRASHER and I’m stoked!

I ask that question of questions, The sunny place for shady people, the magic city, good ol’ MIAMA (on purpose there)where are we at with this paradise? Is it better or worse since we did the “Miami, watch yourself” episode from some years back?

Here is the first time I spoke about Miami in 2018


Writing more working on outlines and getting legs on stories. If my ADHD doesn’t pull me off one thing to another like a MANIC ASSHAT. But this at least made me think I am on the right track:

I think that I’m making it there. I know I have a novel in me possibly two, it’s just about concentrating and getting “there” but it takes a lot to get that voice and that idea DOWN. 


Catching up with MY HERO ACADEMIA and… what in the fucking shit is that theme song? The fucking “Whoa Ho” one ? GAH. 

This week was more intense I think but at least we are getting a bit of a rhythm to the work. I implore you to hit me up on Instagram and Whatnot as I’m posting work there which ends up here. I really am thinking of just getting it all here and making this the main point for all of it. JOIN ME!




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