I keep muttering before I go to bed. Yep it’s that kind of week. 

Things are changing we have more stuff coming down the pipeline bi there is a good chance you will get some radio silence from them for a stretch on all things social media and the blog. Nothing bad if anything good but I’ve done this comic book thing full-time for 7 years and well, it looks like I’m going part-time again. It sucks because I thought I had made some headway but enough and now it’s time to go back to the workforce. 

The secret to making comics?

I’m not fucking quitting you tit, just going to throttle down and aim for other things for a bit.

Especially in the beginning to see what my schedule will be like and then what my options are and then full throttle again. 

That’s the way it goes. Sometimes it not about stop and go it’s about what gear you are at and where you are. Allow yourself to feel the road a bit you can always open her up again later.

Hello from the Magic City, where the creeping summer keeps whispering in my ear that it’s going to melt like cheese and wrap my liquidated remains around a pickle and make “cheekle” out of me. What? That’s an actual thing. I’d be fucking delicious! But it’s been unsuspectingly… nice outside. Yes, I know, it’s a trap but I keep wandering around where that orange ball of hate can see me, enjoying it. I suspect its wrath will be loathsome in a month or so. C’est la vie. 

Setting up a schedule for upcoming projects. Loose but not concise. As I said it would be a type of guideline as all these new things come up. I’m delaying FWACATA issue 2 until I can get things in line as far as digital comics-making. MEATHOOK “PACHANGA” and “POWERS THAT BE” will still be developed at this time but not ready for full production until then. That leaves REZ to be finished with part 2 and then getting H00D back online since I wanted to do this in pencil with watercolor it makes sense. Funny I did figure this out until I wrote this. THE POWER OF JOURNALING! So now it’s about a third story. I want to do MANSLAUGHTER or SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEMONS but those aren’t fleshed out yet. manslaughter is a novelette for sure I could do 50-60 pages easily. While STDEMONS would be a 5 issues limited series or so. HURM.

Maybe some fun shorts? I have does on those even some autobiography kinda stuff. I’ll mull this over and get it all together soon. Until then here is a preview of PACHANGA for you!

I applied for a grant or two, which could be in my peripheral. It’s amazing how grants were abundant pre-covid for me, and an absolute savior during it, but now it seems many of them developed a real man allergy to me it seems. Quite the thing.

Can you see that impromptu SCRUM board? Oh yeah baby

I’ve cleaned and rearranged my studio, finally working towards getting the old studio to the new one soon, and developed quite the technique for keeping the good and throwing the shit, so I’m happy. I’m lightening my load and know I don’t need 80% of the stuff on there but damn it feels good to have it at hand.

I have also been heeding the Advice Adam Savage gives to makers, about having things ready to grab and that drawers are where “tools go to die” in putting it all together. And I have areas now where I make sure the stuff I use all the time is in plain view and the once in a while “oh shit where is it?” tools or art supplies are at hand. Storage is an issue too, but those drawers have clear markings for what they are now arranging. Is a whole other bag.  What was that called? Oh yeah:

“First-order retrievability” is Adam’s philosophy that when he enters flow, he doesn’t want anything to slow him down. His tools and materials should be within arm’s reach at all times. If this means having duplicates of the same tool in different rooms of his shop, no problem. Such duplicates are investments that pay off dramatically in productivity.
Anything he can do to increase speed and efficiency and not disrupt his momentum when he’s in the zone is fair game and totally worth it.

I will soon have a fully working battle STATION! Well, at least I can airbrush and paint so that is something too. 


CROSSOVER sketchcover featuring EXALTED creation by Wesley Snipes

VAMPIRELLA versus PSYLOCKE comic-sized illustration for the 3100 followers winner we had on Instagram!

FRAMED SKETCH I’M SELLING ON EBAY ( find other stuff too on there!)

Explored a Variety of topics this week, getting my grind on at the same time:

… versus being a human being? We have a hot take!

“In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.” 

Hunter S.Thompson

Remember when we called this the Information Age? Remember that shit? Now we just worry and shit ourselves ignorant of everything while holding a box that has all the info you could ever want. WTF! Let’s get into it.

Also, I’m back at it at THE GOBLINS HEIST doing the COME GET YOUR NERD ON! Comic Review shows again and it’s been fun! 

LIVE! from downtown HIALEAH! At Miami Best comic book shop, it’s the GOBLIN HEISTS “COME GET YOUR NERD ON!” comic book review show and claim sale! 
Tune in as we go and give the rundown on this week’s comics with owners Juan Navarro @FWACATA and John Ulloa (Behind the camera), with some of our friends and customers! 
– Frank Frazetta’s DEATH DEALER
– RED ZONE #1 (Juan’s Pick of the Week)
– Immoral X-men #2 (Sins of SInister tie-in) 
– Hellcat #1 (John’s Pick of the Week)
We also talk about reading comics without pants on, which I think is the best way to do it, call me crazy. 

Check us out LIVE on Facebook at 9pm Eastern time
Or the next day (or two) on youtube

Finally bit the bullet and started watching “Attack on Titan” as part of my recent anime education (PARASYTE, DEATHNOTE, TOKYO GHOUL, etc) with CHAINSAW MAN being my favorite but I have to admit I can see the allure of AOT since it has teeth (excuse the pun) getting my interest and putting real stakes. This is what American comics are missing, real stories sterilized in a way to give a shit. The other problem is the format I think. 24 pages a month doesn’t cut it, it needs to match the pace of mangas, weekly. The total amount of pages for weekly serialization has about 18-20 pages for one chapter each week. For a monthly magazine, they have around 30-50 pages each month. Generally, one manga volume is about 180 to 220 pages (this may vary depending on the publisher). As such, a manga whose chapters are released weekly (about 20 pages), will generally have between 8 to 12 chapters per volume. No one in American comics is doing that. NO ONE. But if you have a team a real team making comics at that pace? Maybe with a head start of 60 pages or so, it could a phenomenon for sure. It’s all a wonder that’s for sure.

Speaking of comics, if you are reading this on Sunday and want something to do in Miami, head to this:

I’ll be there selling my wares and selling comics and stuff!

Ah, I’m telling you folks every night you should pray to PAPA DIOS and have him make me a millionaire because all I would do is develop this. For at least five years I would make a mean machine of comics making and go from there, with a cadre of lovable misfits blowing out comics like monsters out of a gah dam Godzilla movie. Fuck we could make it awesome. It would take some green for sure but also a hardy bunch of maniacs who love making comics to do it. Ach if only to find that group! So if you’re a billionaire who loves comics and wants to make some fantastic shit, partner with me, and let’s go blow shit up!
Sorry if that was a small tirade but it’s my whole message to the universe moment here. Until then. I’ll have to do it ALL BY MYSELF! TO BATTLE!

See ya later,



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