SUNDAY FUNDAY: We all knew this day would come, Algernon

Everglades National Park. This image by National Park Service is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

HELLO from the triangle of Bermuda, aka Miami, aka the 305 aka Depingaville, population ME. It been actually COLD this week though I suspect this is ruse by the fireball in the sky that wants KILL US. Already this week I felt the “oh Fuck it’s getting hot” moments like when you force sweat to stay cool, and you get in the car and turn on the air and it’s like a flame thrower. Weather is gorgeous and spring break is happening, so it’s a mini vacay with my girl and me. And since we are talking about Spring break: South Beach needs to sink into the Fucking water already. It’s a habitat of fucking assholes right now and if they could lock it up and bug bomb that, the poison could rid of a lot of Fucking assholes. I’m just saying.

De pinga

Why the fuck even have this shit? I mean is it worth the money? Does it do anything? Fucking ridiculous .Sorry I know who needs to hear this crap but nobody seems to care they let everything go to hell. 

Last week was Miami Comic Con and have to say it was a damn good time. It’s a solid little comic book show with good people and real fans of the medium. I mean there are plenty of bottom-feeding scumbag flippers, but if any culture or subculture has any worth, you’d have all sports, right?

One thing I walked away with is new energy for my work! Some kind words by all and sold some pieces so it was a nice shot in the arm. Also lots of interest in the anthology and the next issue of FWACATA, so I’m deeply humbled and energized.

WORLD DOMINATION PEOPLE and nothing short of it.  That’s the plan.

The first step, Kickstarter! So working towards crowdfunding the FWACAT anthology for the Print edition, to make a big run of it for Conventions and online sales for next year. I’ve done a couple over the years so the adage “this Isn’t my first rodeo” can be applied but the rodeo has changed since then so been doing what I can to learn and apply new ideas here and there. I will post on Sunday on the Blog about some of it most likely so come join me on there or on here for more! I will be screaming from the rooftops when I do! 

Planning stage but expect it for April. Let’s get the FWACATA GOING!

I’m also working on a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEMONS script. I am working towards keeping it watercolor, but man, it will need a certain procedure in working for it, but this will be figured out later.

Found this and it made me smile and angry at the same time. I love painting. Back then having the studios and time to work, but also how much I meandered and enfeebled I could’ve done more but I was in a weird position in my life. When art embraced me I was apathetic at the time so it pisses me how I could’ve done more.

But that’s life right? Between the COVID shutdown, life, business, and finding love again I have a Bette handle now but man I can’t help but think of what I could’ve done at the time. Damn.

Still enjoy I hope to do more of this in the future and maybe some live streams once I have the studio more in tune. 

Whatnot is still pumping and I hope this week will be more so than usual as I will be upping the ante and trying to do more show than usual. Need to start making some Moolah towards the downtime I may have this coming summer so I have to up the game! 5”x7” drawing will be going for a great price to make some money towards a new IPAD, and get some other stuff in order. Here are some works from this week:

I was off and on this last week having to finish a very boring freelance gig, and do some work for Upperdeck/Fleer on the MIDNIGHT SONS sketch cards. They are done, but can’t show it here is the box! BONG!

This week we get into what it is, they get your ass beat, what you can take for me, and a personal little story on my part, and how it educated me to tune in and get your ass beat! Just kidding! 


GOBLINS HEIST is closing. I left in December and it seems that things couldn’t hold together since then. I don’t connect this to my absence as so much as the economy of things and partly decisions made that I didn’t approve of. It’s sad for sure, but I’m done after 7 years of selling comics. I may go into this more, but in a more comprehensive post, but I gave it my all, and some things I found lacking, to say the least about the business. That being said it was also fun as hell and I got to keep a promise I made in third grade: I’d own a comic book shop in Hialeah! So on that note I’m super happy and my love for comics is anything but diminished. Working on comics now more than ever I’m more in a position to make the dream a reality. I sold comics to supplement it not to substitute so I made the right decision. I mean the alternative sucked 

COME GET YOUR NERD ON, our weekly comic review show that we did live at the shop is done at 67 or so episodes. That sucks I really enjoyed talking shit and talking comics with friends who were customers and fans. Maybe I can find another way to do it, but let’s see. I will collect the episode and probably repost them all on YouTube for future posterity. 

Sketchbook warm up

Would I ever open a comic shop again? Hmmmmm that’s a hard one for sure. I guess it would all come down to the setup, wouldn’t it? What I know is that we made something from NOTHING so imagine what I could do with a little of something! 

And there’s the lesson, kids.



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