ART SALES among other things

Who want to buy some of my soul… I mean Art? Selling various things after my studio move and setting up for a big move I have to get stuff out to lighten the load but want to find a good home for all my cool stuff. Really it’s cool! LOOK:

See?!? And this just a taste! If you want to help you cableways visit my stores on WHATNOT , ETSY, and EBAY and purchase through there or hit me up

And if not SHARE this maybe somebody else can lighten my load! I will be posting more in each store daily but mainly on EBAY!

And yeah if it sounds like it hurts to pet with my stuff it’s because IT REALLY DOES! AAARGH! I know but it hurts to let go the THINGS.

Ugh don’t mind me it just the lizard part of my brain making me miserable. Have to let go I just want them to have a good gone mostly my artwork. If you can purchase or help Thanks! If not share and get the word out!







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