Hello from South Florida, where I found out crack can smell like sage mixed with gasoline. Either way, it gives me a headache. This is what happens when you live in the hood.

Speaking of which it’s been raining like crazy and when I say that it’s because the crazy is out. It seems that water from the sky inspires people to lose their Fucking minds. Lots of cops lately and traffic has been more Miami than ever. Makes staying home and drawing way more inviting.

By the Gods, it rained! What the hell I made a light joke on a podcast Monday about “A little rain may fall…” and the Good Lord said “NAH BITCH CHECK THIS OUT!” wow. 

Fort Lauderdale airport was a lake. Wow. 

All this right after the announcement about the sea level rising and its effects on Miami and South Florida could be worse and faster than we thought. Well, here we are. It’s gonna be an interesting bitch of a world soon, more so than usual. 

Will be talking about this blaster in this post but will be working towards new approaches in showing comics. Lots to do, lots to put in a row. Here’s a little of something I wanted to put out, some autobio comics:

Some of the stuff that is up…

This week was LIGHT, so I try to fill it with other works but since I’m selling all my stuff, I’ve had to start really getting into it with some of the commissions. But here is some work from this week

So I’m thinking of moving it to Fridays to sort of cap the weekdays. I tend to do most of my work and post on weekdays because I feel like weekends are made to do stuff. The Sunday blog is made for that to get the word out and catch up on stuff. At least in my mind. 

So this is the breakdown of the weekly posts I’m doing:

  • SUNDAY: BLOG – Sunday Funday, catching up with everything
  • MONDAY: MONDAY MOTIVATION MM podcast post, get the weekday going
  • TUESDAY: T-SHIRT TUESDAY new shirt design for folks to enjoy
  • SATURDAY: VIGIL webcomic

So I’m thinking that comics posts and Patreon exclusives will be Thursday but I’m trying to not bite off more o can chew. I will also be posting daily drawings and ideas out every day. Scratching my chin it should work… for now. 

I’m having to put some stuff on hold. I was ready, really ready to do the FWACATA Kickstarter but I think more than ever I can’t. I have a big move coming up; some great travel and adventure happened, and it would almost be irresponsible to do so. So I think I will funnel this into the webcomics and Patreon and keep fans happy with that, keep comics coming out and interest going. I will post past comics on Patreon and clean it up, so this will suck like pulling Christmas lights out and untangling them. 


Been getting rid of stuff left and right and all my stores, whatnot, eBay, and Etsy are full of stuff I’m selling, lots of artwork, and such, as I posted before. 

It’s starting to be relieving to get rid of stuff. It’s the art or really art parts I hate getting rid of. So many pieces I wanted to make or put together stuff I wanted to do. It punches my gut when I lead another box and throw stuff away or sell it off but you gotta keep that right mindset. Shit comes and goes and really there ar e more opportunities. As you get older you have to be very aware to not get a scarcity mindset and feel that things are “over” that don’t exist really. “Over” is the last breath, the final beat, that last blink. That’s it. Until then, you keep jumping and jiving, swing from vine to vine and never hit that jungle floor, and make sure no one eats your lunch!







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