PODCAST:Humanity is taking its hands off the wheel



Yes, but you need to understand something fundamental that is being driven right out of us thanks to not the internet but our most common shitty lizard monkey brains and that is comfort. In this episode, we’ll be delving into a topic that’s been the subject of much debate in recent years: how artificial intelligence is changing the course of humanity. Specifically, we’ll be examining the idea that as AI becomes more advanced, humanity is losing its soul. Now I don’t doubt the halls of MIT or Carnegie Mellon are abound in some type of screaming match about the ethic behind AI and all the ensuing technology. Maybe not. I know Google has had a divide happen in regards to Bard, their AI that seem to be made to be an assistant to humanity, even if they have reservations about rolling out. First, let’s understand what Artificial Intelligence IS: it s a series of programs and algorithms made to make deifications or to solve tasks. That was initially it. We are already using this rudimentary form every time we google or use maps or whatever. In this segment, we’ll explore the rapid rise of artificial intelligence and its impact on society. We’ll discuss how AI is being used in various industries, from healthcare to finance to transportation. We’ll also touch on the ethical implications of AI, such as the potential for job displacement and the risk of bias in decision-making algorithms.

Hidden in the brain is the fact that we know AI will be as good or as bad as we make it, and so if it comes to bite us in the ass it’s only of ourselves. That reality it’s knowing we are bad parents. Do we make good people? Mediocre people maybe are we really making good people? Can we make good Artificial Intelligence then? I mean it’s a fucking tool in the end. It seems everyone wants to create a God or a parent or something that’ll save us or enslave or destroy us which makes me wonder what fucking gene is in us that person roles us to such things. It is like we are hard-wired versus any type of peace of mind. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m all for progress. But it is a classic SHOULD WE/ COULD WE Sort of thing I’m a big believer in the societal pendulum that is seining especially in recent years and since 9/11. I’ve seen it firsthand happen on a radical ways and subtle ways and have no doubt it’ll keep happening. I think we can get to a place where the middle will be there, that the price for progress will be understood and people can find a place. We just have to be vigilant and there always needs to be those who are open enough, wise enough, loving enough to bring humanity to that. The pathfinders the peace keeper the wonderful who won’t be held down by the mediocrity that is life. So if you can be just that and if not? Get the Fuck out of he way.

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