SUNDAY FUNDAY: Systematic Depletion of Intelligence

THIS! This right here!

Hello from the Everglades, where the storms are breaking a  little and the heat is risings. Oh yes summer is rearing it’s head and soon the sun will hunt us  during the day, and the concrete will goss with impregnated heat.


Weeks are running short I swear, one day blends to the next I wake up running in circles and screaming and the bedtime. What the hell. It’s part of the reason I do this Sunday blog  to just sort of take inventory and see what was done and what the next move is. Because of this I do have a couple of things I need to change around but with upcoming move and trip I have coming, it’s gonna be a bastard of a things . BUT DOESN’T MEAN IT WONT BE DONE!

So definitely holding off on the FWACATA ANTHOLOGY at least as far as print and the Kickstarter goes. Only because I won’t have some address for a bit. BUT I had an idea.


I’ll release everything on the PATREON in the meantime!

Check out THE PATREON here

The short from the frost issue some older stuff and even the whole Zombie Years catalog, old and new. Like that I can still churn stuff out to my audience but also keep the comics going. I have been wrapped up in the move and putting money away I haven’t made enough comics. I do have to start putting it on the board and in the cycle. Hoo boy.


Lots of work this week for sure! Picked up a number of commissions  and so e light design work. Trying to get a remote job to keep things going, while I’m traveling. Any leads? 

In the meantime here is some stuff from this week:

Harpy Quinn gave me an idea to do do a series of iconic D&D monsters with Batman Rogues gallery. Hmmm there is something there!

Here is a slideshow of the MASK I did ( the original comic version, Gah damn it) That was great fun and giving me ideas.

Also have new Sketchcovers in stock! Check it out on WHATNOT I’m always on at 12pm-2pm Eastern drawing away with occasional night shows!

This week I took a deep dive into Artificial Intelligence and I keep thinking the same thing “don’t believe the hype” in the sense of everything else this is being sold to us as this hood thing when ultimately it’s gonna FUCK US in a way we haven’t seen before. It’s just going to be a matter of time.  Here I discuss:

Also Monday Motivation is always a small snippet to keep you going. 

New T-shirt up on the TEEPUBLIC shop

I was just starting to work with REDBUBBLE but there is a lot of controversy with what their new policies are and overall it’s just unsavory, so I’m sticking to TEEPUBLIC, for now, expand later.

Other than that I’m going to bed and getting work done later. I have been trying to be more active and it’s…. exhausting. What the fuck do people do this for again? Give me robot legs already! I kid… but not really GET ON WITH IT!

Until next time, please remember “A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.” – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy



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