It’s Monday and so it’s time for the MONDAY MOTIVATION PODCAST!
This week:

“We become what we repeatedly do.”

– Sean Covey

It’s Monday and you have to do all this shit AGAIN!?! Well, now it’s time to take stock and take heart and see what in your routine is fucking you up, why you need to take that spastic dump at 4 pm, why that coworker doesn’t shut up, why you’re always broke, why you are always tired, to take charge and be active and PRESENT in your life but just making… a list.
Journaling is everything, people.

Monday motivation is here! Time to get up and go or get up and shut the fuck up! Join me on here as I try to get you to move your ass and hit this week like the animal that you are! EVERY MONDAY! Listen anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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