SUNDAY FUNDAY: Readying for the Ride.

…aaaand my ass hurts.

Hello from the Everglades where I am hard at work at getting the Fuck out of here. I’m selling stuff left and right getting rid of books and magazines. I have been using an app to capture bits here and there for. Articles and such to use, called FINEREADER, also lets me straighten the page and make PDFs from them to keep. Mostly artist interviews like Guy Davis and Jose Delbo in Draw Magazine and bits I dug from some of the Art History books I have available. I would love to digitize everything but it takes time to get them down perfectly. I might make a mega book of these to give away one day for fun but I’ll see.

My girl was being supportive and told me I didn’t have to sell everything but I figured that if you are to do things with faith with real FAITH, you know stuff and come back into your life. I mean it’s STUFF too! Shit comes and goes you have to learn that and you can do it voluntarily or let life kick your teeth in for it. 

Change is constant, and I was reminded of this ridiculousness:

Brickell 2009 versus Now….. WTF?

It’s beyond meditation to take it all in. And I could go into even more when I remember in 2002 or so, many people going to college tended to live there because the rent was cheap but the place was a fucking dessert with nothing on or happening after 5 and not even a supermarket.

Started with a clean slate for Art Commissions this week having kicked ass on it for a bit this last weekend. It was good to reload thanks to returning clients and new clients too. It was really cool to see and an honor for me. I love doing this and when people love it with me? MAN! I am trying to whittle down all the stuff it takes to make things and finding g those essential tools to me and fishing some last bits to have done before I go. I have a plan to leave artwork with friends and family knowing I can come back to the and they’ll be taken care of. At least I hope.  

So much, but nothing to report… YET. Muahahahahha until then takes a look at this that reflect many of the influences and what I look for in comics, in this video:

I was going down memory lane with this video. It really could be a road map to influences I’ve had as a comic artist and creator, sans FAT NINJA, SILVERWOLF COMICS, FAUST, and others it’s spot on.

I have so many ideas for podcasts at times but Fuck me if I forget the topics before I write them down. Which is fine. If it’s a really good idea it’ll come up again. I know it. I think. What?


So lately it’s become more and more apparent what you need to do. And I mean get off your ass and Accomplish. Not the internet, google, or what we get up and go. Then o found this, Luke 11:9–10:

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”


Great article here

Anyway, this is going to be a short one as I am burning more than enough midnight oil to power a small locomotive. More involved next week. Back on DeviantArt for fun found an app for it and it’s not bad. I’m looking for communication for sustenance for my work more than likes and thumbs up. OH AND MONEY GAH DAMN IT.

This happened today and I was nearby

Luckily I didn’t even get near that but WTF.

You never know when shit will go down. Hold on to your loved ones close and if you don’t have any, make some, kiss people hug them tell them, let it be known. Because when the shit goes down, it’s that which will see you through.






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