MONDAY FUNDAY?!? Yeah well…

Work is what you do for others… Art is what you do for yourself

— “Sunday in the Park With George” 

My plans have gone like this… (Evan Dorkin is the man)


The rate everything is going. I feel like somebody hit a button somewhere that we shouldn’t have touched. Let’s all hold onto our collective asses then.

This post is late because I have been inundated with last-minute things, so expect a lot of that. The rhythm is there but hitting them beats is a whole other thing…

Hello from the Everglades where I have been swamped with getting ready for the move. Slowly getting rid of stuff and selling things and planning to sell things. Esta depinga as the say. But I’m excited about where we are going not so much in places but in our minds. True growth. It’s invigorating. 

Recently read this line from a collection Stephen Sondheim musicals and I this one jumped out:

I chose, and my world was shaken / So what? / The choice may have been mistaken / The choosing was not

— “Sunday in the Park With George” 

At times I have doubts. There is nothing wrong with this it’s that survival part of your brain kicking and making sure you are not dying a slow death. So yes I sit here at times thinking “Oh shit what have I done?” I analyze every step I take or took, bridges burned and people who are now burning in hell in my brain and say “Was that the right choice?”

I’m right now at 90% yes it was. I think that the final 10% is the stuff that just had to happen at times with a chunk of stuff being my fucking asshole was coming to fruition. Now that Asshole has helped in the past but in my 20s. Sitting in the middle of my forties and I’m good. Not great but good. Shit happened that had to happen and other than those tried to Fuck me in all right.  

ULTRAMEGA sketchover DONE for Leo, Pencil on paper!

It’s not a bad exercise let me tell you. Taking into account and bringing it all together is good to be, but you have to heat it and put it to the fire before you can really know. Try it and see if the void does look back it’s fun.

Last week I didn’t post much because I knew deep in a freelance tornado of work that I had only bit and pieces, but now let’s remedy that!

“BIRTH OF HARLEY” 17×11 Mixed Media on Bristol

This was for sure a Labor of love. The idea initially came from a client on WHATNOT but as I went about added all the bells and whistles because I wanted it to stand out. If you scroll through the above you can see all the bits and pieces. From pencils to inks. I also researched the living hell on it. The Birth of Venus is a famous painting created by Sandro Botticelli during the Italian Renaissance. It depicts the goddess Venus rising from the sea, standing on a seashell and surrounded by mythological figures. This painting is known for its beauty, elegance, and mythological references. The Birth of Venus has been referenced and reinterpreted in various forms of pop culture art, including comics. For example, the comic book character Wonder Woman is often depicted rising from the sea on a seashell, a clear homage to Botticelli’s masterpiece. Additionally, various comic book artists have used the composition and style of The Birth of Venus as inspiration for their own artwork, demonstrating the ongoing influence of this iconic painting on popular culture. So when it came timefor Harley it was lots of fun to do it right.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY came and went and it was incredibly fun. Set up at the GOBLINS HEIST with fellow comic artists like Andre Lebrada, Jeff Dekal, Kenny Calderon, Jayro Lantigua, and Jude Millien visiting so much comic talk and laughs before I leave for Texas later in June. It was necessary even my girl was like I haven’t socialized like that in a while. It was good to be back in the shop and comics again, though I don’t miss it (the old stress of it started creeping in) but the sense of community and talking to folks was something I do genuinely miss. 

I’ve also been messing with this more:

LEX ROMANA is a concept I may slowly push up the hill, A roman period DC piece with versions like PICT HARLEY, Bog Queen Poison Ivy, and much more, like a Gladiator Green Lantern and more.

Comics have taken a backseat to too much bullshit right now, and as much as I am developing ideas and putting things together that actual hard-nose grind of making pages hasn’t come up because of the move and preparing for the mood. hell, even this Blog is late! But webcomics are still coming out on time!

ZOMBIE YEARS every Wednesday!
VIGIL every Saturday

It’s slowly heading to run out and hope I can then fold this into the Patreon and get more comics out, but that’s going to be a ways away. During my time traveling soon, I hope to get all that ready for the road and have that in hand and in mind. I’m excited to get back to it, but for now, the grind is the grind until we get it. there. You can always help, join the PATREON to get more!

fuck you Ketcham.

Creating a podcast can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. The process involves developing a concept, researching, writing, recording, and editing the audio. One of the biggest challenges is finding the time and resources to create a quality podcast. Additionally, there is a learning curve for editing software and recording equipment, which can be intimidating for beginners. However, with practice and perseverance, podcasting can become easier, and it can be a great way to express your creativity and connect with an audience.

Kindness is an important value that should be practiced by everyone, regardless of their race or socioeconomic status. Being rich or poor, black or white, does not determine one’s ability to be kind. In fact, kindness can often be more meaningful and impactful in situations where people face challenges or discrimination. Being kind to others promotes positive relationships and helps to build trust and understanding across different groups. It can also have a positive impact on one’s own well-being, reducing stress and increasing feelings of happiness. Ultimately, practicing kindness is a powerful way to improve the world around us, and it is an essential component of building a more compassionate and equitable society, you asshole.

This t-shirt design was already taken down:

UGH, I do have stickers coming in for sale on Whatnot so that’s something but things are getting to be a pain in the ass in the t-shirt game and it was a bitch to begin with. Let me see what else I can do. I will be selling off chunks of my comic collection for super cheap this week so tune in if you want to get to some hot sweaty piles of comics goodness!

Meanwhile, as I move I plan because I also don’t know where we will land and in what sort of condition we will be, but seeing this Disney Animator table has got me hot in the right places!

Oh my, my brain’s pants are tight.

One thing is for certain:

And there you go a super concentrated FWACATA blog post with all the trimmings for ya! This might be the second to the last one for a bit, I will try to shoot off one more before hitting the road. Maybe I will go more daily or different set up once I’m on the road and doing my things, but I will touch base with you all soon enough, and if not I will always be posting on Instagram on the daily! Till then…








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